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April 11, 2018


Peter G

All is well. I got the latest scoop from QAnon. The secret warrants of the deep state anti-Trumpers are piling up and soon one third of America is to arrest the other two thirds. They are making their lists and checking it twice. Sure the whole QAnon thing may just look like live action role playing for the terminally paranoid. But they have merchandise for sale. You can buy maps showing the locations of the dungeons and dragons, I mean QAnon clues, so it must be real. I will fill you all in as soon as the magic decoder ring I ordered gets here. Then I too will be an insider or as the illuminiwit say, a thirty second degree wingnut.

Anne J

The walls have been closing in on him for a year now. When will they finally crush him? In unrelated good news, Paul Ryan is not going to be running for reelection. If we can make it to November, we may be ok.


Trump will be even more dangerous when Jared and Fredo are indicted. And Ivanka's prospects don't look great either.

A great day with Paul Ryan going away after this year. What a POS.

Anne J

It's about time we had some good news.


I haven't joined Twitter but have taken to following some folks like Philippe Reins, who tweeted Ryan is retiring in order to spend less time with the Trump family.

Peter G

Saw that too. Apparently he feels sufficiently fulfilled by the giant tax cut for the wealthy he labored so hard to obtain.

Anne J

I'm surprised he didn't try to stick around to achieve his life long dream of starving the poor, the sick, and the elderly of all the social programs he spent so much of his life receiving.

Anne J

That's the same reason why I voted for Hillary in '16.


It's so sad when one gives up a lifetime dream .....


"We've a frightfully unstable lummox in the Oval Office who could blow at any minute..."

But...but...her emails...!

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