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May 29, 2018



Point out that half of us didn't vote for him. Nods of understanding helped temper my embarrassment a dozen years ago when Bush II was re-elected. And keep those photos coming. I'm really happy you seem to be having a good time after all you've been through recently.

David & Son of Duff

"The [Italian] nation's president said, in effect, that democracy was not a suicide pact as it is in America, hence there was no way he was going to turn Italy over to the recent elections' victorious lunatics."

Or, to put it another way, this EU glove-puppet, probably under orders from the Berlin-Brussels axis, over-ruled **the democratic vote** of the Italian people. The result, of course, will be a second election in September, when support for those anti-EU parties who won the last election by a mile, will be increased, dare I say, 'yuuuuuuuugely'! Does anyone know the Italian for "a basket of deplorables"?

Peter G

Me, I’m looking forward to the next British election or referendum. Whichever comes first. As more than one British observer has observed, Britain no longer gets to make fun of Italian politics. When do you suppose there will be a referendum on reproductive rights for women in Northern Ireland. Oh wait there won’t be. Because the conservative commitment to personal liberty doesn’t quite extend to pissing off the ultra conservative DUP members keeping the May government on life support.

And now the end is near. And as she faces the final curtain she did it herrrrrr way. Just kidding actually. No one has the kind of political job security that May has. Who wants to grab the controls of a plane about to crash?

Peter G

Alas while you were gone a bit of American culture exploded rather spectacularly. The Roseanne Barr reboot is no more. Apparently even ABC, not unfamiliar with her previous racist quacks, could not quite tolerate her going full Trump. In trailer parks across America there is a great lamentation.


Who else made racially disparaging comments towards Valerie Jarrett?

Peter G

Gimme a break Max. At least put a time bracket on that. Including dog whistles from the right lots. But Roseanne sure showed us libtards didn’t she? Between this and the Greitens resignation my wife summarized this succinctly as a good day.


It's right under your nose, Peter: this very site; I figured you of all people would pick up on it. Yes, today was a great day.

Peter G

Hope you both have a safe flight home. Everything seems to be taking a comic turn in your absence.


PM, man oh man am I sorry about your one-time beer addiction. I never had anything other than a great beer in Europe, although the States did step up our game. Enjoy the rest of your hopefully regenerating voyage. I know we will benefit from your fresh insights.

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