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May 14, 2018


"Concludes Toles, "With recent polls showing a slight uptick of approval for Trump and for GOP chances in the fall.."

A "slight uptick" and the MSM ignores the major gains by Democrats in special elections, two governorship races, a Senate seat in Alabama, and the win by a Democrat in a House race in a very red area that went for Trump....yep, okay guys.

And Trump's "uptick" is just that--an uptick and nothing more. And one more time for the cheap seats--if the GOP is so confident about the fall--at least according to the spew coming from Paul Ryan's mouth--then why in the ever-loving fuck are so many in the GOP getting the hell out of Dodge and not running for re-election or are facing difficult odds in the fall (among them Paul Ryan, who's outta here come November)?

But those questions will not be answered by a MSM that has decided to drop to their knees in front of Trump and suck away because they are afraid he'll insult them some more.

This Trump administration is killing the fiction industry.

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