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May 30, 2018


Peter G

It’s like, if a little cologne is good, a quart is better. Figuratively speaking I would not want to share an elevator with that structure.

Peter G

By the way, does anyone else detect some serious Daaad! side eye in that last picture?


Nein, Nien. Ich dachte, wie teuer der Tag wäre.


It's just so great seeing you having such a great time and getting your batteries recharged.


Ich würde hier blieben.

Peter G

Isn't it? I wouldn't blame them for wanting to stay.

The Dark Avenger

Sorry to tell you this, but this particular cathedral was completed in the 19th Century, with the help of slide rules.

Q: Wann wurde der Kölner Dom gegründet?
A: Bauzeit 1248 bis 1880


The thought of them just staying indefinitely makes me wonder what insights PM would glean from afar, over an extended time. As it is I bet we will hear more from our host on his perspectives on things, having had this experience.

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