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May 15, 2018


The cost in human lives for the move doesn't seem to register on the balance sheets.

I'll assume that last question wasn't rhetorical. I know I did. The majority of Americans knew he was unfit for office. And surely his clownish campaign behavior and complete demonstrated ignorance of even the basic knowledge required to formulate policy was a pretty good tip off. Quantifying it would be difficult but I would say that people who actually understood policy and who accurately predicted Trump's sublime awfulness are not rare. They are certainly common around here.
Even Republicans knew he was going to be terrible and some even guessed the scale of it. They still haven't figured out why though if Rick Wilson is any indication. His theory about the the magnificently shitty behavior of Trump and his administration is based, apparently, on Emerson's long shadow, which individuals cast upon institutions they govern. (This is about the shitty John McCain will soon be dead thing.) Sorry Rick, that's not it. You've got it ass backwards.

Trump was elected by assholes to be an asshole. His shittiness was exposed for everyone to see. But he was elected precisely because he was an asshole who promised to disrupt. Now it would never have occurred to the assholes who voted for Trump that the things they wanted to disrupt were complex and nuanced evolutions of literally decades of thought and compromise. It takes brains and application to understand policy. That is not their shtick.

So when Rick Wilson tries to excuse the magnificently shitty behavior of nearly everyone in the Trump administration as the result of a poor example from the top I am forced to demonstrate contempt. No Rick that's not it. The Trump administration was staffed by assholes in the image of Trump and not children imitating a bad example. I see why Rick needs to believe this. After all to believe otherwise would force him to believe that the Republicans were chock full of assholes just waiting for their opportunity to be assholes. But that's the truth.

And that, which I have asserted repeatedly since he was elected, is why I personally knew Trump would be this awful. If there is an asshole thing to do, that is what he is going to do.

"Most of us knew that Trump — as president, of sorts — would be an unprecedented disaster. But did anyone imagine he would be this incompetent?"

Well, Hillary Clinton, for one.

But of course, the media was too busy focusing on emails, the GOP was too busy dropping to their knees in front of Trump, and the idiot Left was too busy running to Sanders and Stein while gloating about how a)there was a "liberal" case for Trump (see Walker Bragman's horrific article in Salon), b) Hillary would be even worse, and c) Trump would fuck things up, but hey, you deserved it for not giving us Bernie!

So here we are. And yet the MSM still strains for the "Trump is Presidential!" pivot even though no such thing is ever going to happen, and idiots like Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald blame Obama and Hillary--not Trump, mind you--for the horror in Gaza and Gina Haspel, and another Bernie-bro, H.A. Goodman, goes to the other end of the horseshoe and becomes a Trump supporter and NRA member and is now doing videos/pics of him shooting off guns at a range.

And yet, behind all of this, Mueller keeps working, Avenatti is dropping more bombs, and Democrats continue to score wins in special elections and are experiencing a higher turnout than normal and the GOP's losses are stacking up.

I like Rick Wislon's writing, but at the end of the day, he is another "never Trump" republican who either is clueless or not caring about the fact that the Trump brand of shittiness didn't happen overnight and has been building in the Republican party for decades. Just like everything else that someone one built that Trump slapped his name on, "Trumpism" is just the new word for "Republicanism".

I really hope you are right about the last part.

I would go farther. "Has been building.." could imply that an unforeseen cancer has afflicted the republicans. They were cultivating their cancer.

It all rides on November. And screw the November pessimists, and we've seen a lot of that lately. Wow, Trump's approval has moved from 40% to 42%. Let's just wring our hands. We just have to execute, prepare for the crypto-fascists to pull more dirty tricks. You know they will.

"And screw the November pessimists, and we've seen a lot of that lately."


I'm not saying we should put on rose-colored glasses, but we need to be realistic, not give in to crapping our pants and running away. I'm tired of the MSM always rushing to the "Dems are doomed!!" line just because Trump crept up a point. He's below 45% for God's sake and let's take a look at the GOP who have decided not to run for office or have resigned or are in serious shit in regards to their re-election chances.

The Eeyores are the worst, and are not helping.


The MSM is mostly pushing their biannual horse race narrative, wherein it's always too close to call. Because that's what sells product. And in a sense, that's a good thing, if it encourages turnout.

So I was watching MSNBC last night for god knows what reason and I caught Jennifer Rubin making the same argument as Rick. She just used the fish stinks from the head down metaphor. Which,of course, isn't true at all. The whole fish rots at the same time. This is getting to be quite the republican theme. The Republican party is trying to convince themselves that an entire presidential administration of assholes is because of Trump's example and not because the Republican party had a surfeit of assholes ready to be assholes. Sorry Rick and Jennifer, that is not the way it works.

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