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May 16, 2018


The North Koreans sure know which Trump buttons to press. He is going to be just like all the other presidents who failed before him they tell us and for the same reason. But this will be a more spectacular failure for it will be all Trump’s. Don’t worry too much Donald at least the Ignobel Prize is still a possibility.

I had a feeling that NK was playing him. For a con "artist" he sure is easily conned. All you gave to do is puff up his ego to full inflation level before sticking a pin in him.

Anne, you so often draw such great literary pictures. I love it. :)

He's greedy; he's not very bright. These make him a perfect mark.

I know right! As soon as I read that I had an image in my minds eye of trump as a deflating whoopee cushion.

He could be a student at his own university.

Thank you. But to me, he always looks pretty puffed up.

I actually don't think this one was fraud (that is, intentional dishonesty). I really think Trump thinks he CAN achieve something. Of course, he doesn't grasp the complexity of what he needs to do, which makes the task even harder than it would be otherwise, but I still think he feels that his unmatched skills can achieve anything he attempts.

It's much like many of the other things we've seen. We're THIS close to him saying, "Nobody knew international denuclearization negotiations would be so complicated!"

There's fraud involved. Trump probably did believe, because he knows nothing, that shutting down the (now useless) nuclear testing facility was the first step to "denuclearization," until someone explained that NK had no intention of getting rid of its nukes. At that point the narrative changed to "Kim will destroy his testing facility, isn't that great?" Meanwhile, anything's still conditioned on the removal of about half of our troops.

It's so high school. "Donald thought Kim really liked him, but it turns out Kim REALLY likes Moon, and Donald is UPSET!"

...And deeply in debt (as was Manafort), the most important attribute of a mark.

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