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June 14, 2018


I can only wonder in how many languages of humanity that simple sentiment has been expressed.

To me it was a simple expression of the frustration over what we are being forced to endure. It won't change anything, but I wouldn't call it counter productive either.

you get the concern trolls worrying about the withering of discourse in the Marketplace of Ideas.

they ignore the fact that since the 1990s the Far Right Noise Machine - Fox Not-News, Breitbart, Drudge, and now InfoWars - entered that Marketplace and threw their shit everywhere (pardon my Swedish)

This isn't a Marketplace of Ideas anymore.

This is a schoolyard. and in the schoolyard you answer punches with punches.

Good point. That was one thing about Bill Clinton in the 90s that we could respect. He would immediately answer a punch with another punch, just as hard and within the day. Contrast this with Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry, even to an extent Obama, and the like.

The thing is though, and this is key, the people who write here are not a representative sample. Not by a long way. You may be an eclectic group but you all hate Trump. Out there in the wider world many people love him.

As a Trump hater myself, I really can't stand him, I'm happy to be labelled as a "concern troll". If there is nobody in the middle, if nobody will change their vote, if the waverers are forced back to defend their positions, it's entirely possible that you'll get Trump for a second term.

My soon to be DIL who was born in Seoul, raised in Australia, gives some credit to Trump. She is hopeful of peace in her birth country. She's not a fan of Trump but she feels that he should be given some credit for this "gesture of peace".

Therein lies your quandary. Do you believe in Trump the peacemaker? Or do you, like me, think he has a kind of cunning that we ignore at our peril. The guy craves attention and he wants to make history. He plays the hand he is dealt, so he is forced into a position of pretending to make peace even though his instinct is for war. Why? Because these Koreans have nuclear weapons, and he doesn't know how many, or where they are. A first strike would run the risk of them lobbing one back and taking out thousands of American innocents.

If this is a schoolyard you have to be sure that you can punch harder than the opponent otherwise you'll get knocked out. Discretion is the better part of valour.

Anne J, can I just say that I always appreciate your contribution to the discussion around here. I think there's a space in blogland for an angry woman like you. You're raging but fiercely clever. Your frustration is totally understandable and if you feel like saying "Fuck Trump" you can. As can we all, around the dinner table, at the pub, at a buttoned up cocktail party, or well, just anywhere. That is totally different to a rich actor addressing a load of other entitled idiots at some back slapping awards ceremony. Anyway, I've been paying attention to you for awhile. Please consider starting your own blog. Earn some money. And Peter, because you're a clever guy who knows something about everything under the sun. I have a soft spot for you these days. Yeah, I can't explain it either. I think it was the specs story that did it.

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