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June 13, 2018


Deserved. Earned. But, given the time and place, inappropriate. I would have appreciated a little context.

"Take children from their mothers arms? Fucktrump." In fact, I would have appreciated an entire list of the things that Trump has done to degrade the country, each followed by the epithet and Trump's name.

Again I must ask: why is it always on the anti Trump people to be the uniters? Fuck that. Fuck Trump. Fuck Trump's drooling fanboys.

Idiot. Another waste of valuable WaPo real estate.


Trump is sometimes right about things, and he's correct that Deniro is a low-IQ individual. Anne J is right to be frustrated that "conservatives" can be rewarded for their bad behavior while liberals are tarred with every stupid thing said/written by someone who dislikes Trump, but the fact is that Deniro's comment (understandable as it was) is counter-productive.

They bleeped it in the US. The Australians who were broadcasting it did not. Hence it is widely available but not on television in the US. My ears would not have been offended either way and I subscribe to the sentiment in any case. Pure tribalism? Certainly. But something more elegant was probably called for, with spice added. Something like fuck that needle dicked bug fucking colluder-in-chief perhaps. The rich resources offered by the english language are under utilized in my opinion. Trump thinks he has got the best words? Let me at 'em. I've got better.

In what way unproductive? Which approach to dealing with Trump's fan base would be productive?

A nothing-burger, cathartic to be sure but certainly nothing that's going to have any lasting effect. As far as needing context, I think the last 16 harrowing, agonizing months have provided more than enough context.

First, for most of his fan base, nothing is likely to be productive. But I still hold out hope that there are some people that can be turned, but who nevertheless fall for the fake outrage at Deniro's comment. I'm hopeful that there remain ways to appeal to those people that will actually work. I'll admit that this has not been observed empirically.

Second, on a personal level I find Deniro's comment to be just stupid - it's all performative emotion designed to evoke the ovation that he received. I don't understand why that's appealing to anyone.

That Trump heard someone tell him to go fuck himself probably didn't bother him so much. It's nothing he hasn't heard from a wife or two or three. And he did hear or he wouldn't have tweeted so quickly. Not surprised given it was an awards show even if he wasn't eligible to win any prize. But brothers and sisters in spirit he also heard the applause it produced. And that rankled. I do not give a damn about who else may have heard it as long as Trump did.

Trump is probably delighted. De Niro, is his secret weapon. He needs him to keep on talking.

Thank you for the response.

You write "I'm hopeful that there remain ways to appeal to those people that will actually work." I'm less and less hopeful of that. If the people who voted for Trump haven't seen the error of their ways by now, I can't imagine what could possibly bring them around. To me, at this point, it's all about getting out the vote, about mobilizing OUR base, about energizing the apathetic. Performative emotion may not appeal to you, but it certainly appeals to many. Going on the offensive (both meanings) seems like a good way to fire up some of our more Laodicean allies and maybe (perhaps) get them out to the polls.

To your question, PM, it probably doesn't matter. How much has Samantha Bee's far less fortunate utterances matter now? On the one hand, if it give comfort to those in need, fine; on the other hand, if it's peddled in, say, HuffPo as some great moment for "our" side, um, no. How is this a "win"? Just coming over here by way of Josh Marshall, where it's awfully grim.

It appealed to the audience didn’t it? I am wondering myself what the point would be the point of trying to recruit most of these Trumpers back into the Democratic fold? The smart Republicans can see where the Trumper’s overt racism is taking their party. If they want to go down with that ship then let them. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by being nice. Anybody in that party with a sense of party preservation can see that they either seize it back or abandon ship. And even if they seize it back they will spend a long well deserved time in the political wilderness.

I will argue that provoking Trump to expose himself and his tribe is well worth it. And heaping well deserved contempt the best strategy. America is in the throes of demographic changes that are irreversible. They either abandon .their electoral strategy or they choke on it.

You and Peter G below might be right - just because I don't like it doesn't mean that it's not a net gain overall. And I agree that motivating our base is more productive than trying to change the minds of a few Trump supporters. But at the end of the day we live in a democracy, and we've seen for the past 125 years the damage that can be done by an insane minority party (and worse when it's in the majority).

Yes, because Trump is known for walking the straight and narrow and would never use that kind of language.


I think DeNiro changed zero votes. The only problem with it is that the media seizes on it and it ends up serving as a giant distraction from Puerto Rico or ICE or Pruitt or other corruption.

Still, fuck Trump. Fuck him with a rusty rake.

Hey, at least people are actually talking about the Tony’s. Regarding which, De Niro’s f-bomb wasn’t nearly as offensive as the fact that Spongebob Squarepants was nominated for Best Musical.

DA, How did you fare with the rigours of reading comprehension back in the day?


Since I learned to read at an age when most people, perhaps you among them, begin learning the alphabet and still have to be cleaned of drool from time to time.

I congratulate you for having accomplished one of those achievements so far.

How is it then that you demonstrate no grasp of nuance, you draw no inferences, everything you interpret is misinterpreted? You routinely name call anyone who disagrees with you and your general demeanour is aggressive. You have a daft moniker which only confirms to me your childish delusional condition.

And yet you choose to interact with somebody using a daft monicker. Yours is merely false advertising.

You still haven’t told me what sources and Irish writers you wish me to use in the future when commenting here.

The assertion that “this would be good for Trump” is so daft I could put it on a 72-hour medical hold if it was made here in California.

I'm not planning to interact any further with you You're such a bore. Hang on a minute......

My name was given to me by an adoring fan, I merely embraced it. False advertising? Huh? You christened yourself, obviously, and it tells me all I wish to know about you.

Just stop being a nasty little prat..there's a good boy.

Weak tea, Auntie Petunia.

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