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June 27, 2018



No need to apologize - we want you healthy! - take all the time you need and then some.

Peter G

The world is not going to stop ending whether you take time off or not. And you are going to want to be in tip top shape for the finale. Go knit up the ravell'd sleeve of care.

L. Reeves

I truly concur that you should take some time off to rest. Like Peter said, there is so much more coming, and plenty of time to weigh in later. In fact, to help you rest more easily I'm going to make an unsolicited contribution. I wish I could do more. My contribution is not a payment for future insights from you but rather another thank you for what you've already done.

Be well! We allow you the time you need.


I would offer to pray for you, but it would piss off most folks here. I just won’t tell you.

David Lynch Backs off Trump positive comment


Lots of us here pray. It's commendable to pray for PM.

Peter G

PM gets lots and lots of prayers directed at him. Mostly imprecatory it is true but as Max notes, some aren't.

Peter G

I want PM to be well and rested period. But I want him to be in perfect form when Mueller Time rolls around. Love his motto, if you want to serve time, we've got the voir dire.

The Dark Avenger

LINA. Common people do not pray, my lord: they only beg.

LORD SUMMERHAYS. You never ask for anything?


LORD SUMMERHAYS. Then why do you pray?

LINA. To remind myself that I have a soul.

Bernard Shaw Misalliance


Great stuff, great truth


Also, I am a strong proponent of growing corn. Being a county boy, growing up on a road with three big dairy farms and a big orchard farm; hunting, fishing, doing a lot of farm work until at 16 I landed a vet assistant job (one big advantage of country kids: we could always get work and make money - in stark contrast to my suburban friends), Daddy recovered from being an Ivy League grad and worse, a New Yawker, to grow the absolute best sweet corn. I'm not there yet. Now I have to stop writing and deal with a Subway manager who was an asshole to my son with autism.

Anne J

Take all the time you need. We just want you to get well.

The Dark Avenger

Though for the day:

“And it also maddening to people to constantly be told to worry about not just their own actions and the results of their own actions buy how will their actions influence some imaginary Trump voter who they're trying to win over in the mid-terms.

I think people can't live like that. They can't live in the way we're constantly overly solicitous of the feelings of these alienated white people and contemptuous of the feelings of the majority of the people who find this administration intolerable.”

Michelle Goldberg

Anne J

Especially when those Trump voters think governing starts and ends with "We won, you lost, get over it, snowflakes". I don't see them making any honest effort to try and convince anyone-especially in a civil manner why what their dear leader is doing is good for the country.

Ken Richter

When I first started coming here a few years ago, if I woke up and found that you hadn't posted, I'd be disappointed because I missed out on your writing. Now, when I visit and find that you haven't posted, I worry about you, the person behind the writing. So don't worry about imaginary deadlines. Don't feel that you owe any of us readers anything. Just take care of yourself and get better.


You guys are the best. The absolute best. Anywhere.

Anne J

As are you, sir.

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