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June 18, 2018


24/7 propaganda works.

Well, the GOP does love its dictators. And God knows, they hate women who aren't subservient to them. So why should we be surprised?

They have a Manichean worldview. If you're not on their "side" you are, by definition, evil. If you are fighting the good and just fight against evil, then anything goes. Even evil.

And here we are.

Think about that for a moment. This is where we are. And it's frightening and depressing.

And he has a whole major news network primed to tell everyone in their audience that there's nothing wrong with any of it.

And a supine congress with no shame.

And a somewhat supportive Supreme Court, which is poised to become even more supportive if some senior citizens can't hang in there long enough.

What was it Reagan said about a "shining city on a hill"?

Fox should just be called State tv now.

Opinions like that have to have a basis in something other than merely believing that holding it will piss someone else off do they not? Oh wait they don't. That's why it is pretty easy to get your garden variety conservative to insist Trump has a way tastier anus than Obama.

Yup. Re that "shining city on a hill": right, back when "conservative" meant stuff like respect for institutions, prudence in foreign policy, cherishing the social covenants that make up society, and so on . . . this is giving Reagan too much credit, but at least he had some inklings of the worth of said values. Plus he loathed torture and detested nuclear weapons (or should we cay "nucular" in honor of our 43rd President?) Every thing I cited is now hated by the right wing. It's just about power and shared resentments.

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