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June 18, 2018


What else are we to expect? And nothing seems to be slowing him down.

I eagerly await the MSM's translation of this into "Trump takes strong foreign policy line on Germany."

What if America gave a war and nobody came?

So I had some reservations about pointing out that this sort of interference is not novel. JFK despatched members of his campaign team to actively interfere in Canada on behalf of Lester Pearson over Diefenbaker.

But he’s skeptical the Kennedy relationship is what won the election. Chretien said he believes the Diefenbaker government was accumulating enough political damage on its own, without help from the neighbour to the south.

In an interview, the former prime minister said the move to oust the head of the Bank of Canada, James Coyne, harmed the Conservatives more than anything Kennedy did.

“I don’t think (Kennedy made the difference),” Chretien told The Canadian Press. “Mr. Diefenbaker had a lot of problems with his administration.”

What states were in play with respect to this?

All true and one of the reasons I hesitated to point out that example. I was but a lad but my family supported Pearson anyway. Still interfering in elections or the politics of other countries is not a novelty. Now if you are going to send American politicians to help in Canada I somewhat prefer the pre-politican James Carter who, as an expert in things nuclear, helped sort out that Chalk River unpleasantness. I always liked Jimmy.

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