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June 30, 2018


Some of your pieces speak to my own mind as if it were an internal conversation. This is one of those. Autodidacts are rarer these days then they were for the simple reason that there are more opportunities for formal education even as there are not enough. But even people formally schooled in any subject or science can be distinguished by what other knowledge they seek.

I never got to know my maternal grandfather for he died in my infancy. He was once a constable but later a railroad conductor with no more than a grade school education.. He didn’t leave much behind in a material way except a four shelf bookshelf. My grand mother described him fondly as insatiably curious about the world, never failing to read every periodical he could lay his hands on. His favorite place was the public library. His bookshelf survives intact for we grandchildren could not open it without permission and supervision.

There was a whole shelf devoted to Zane Grey and Damon Runyon. I learned to love both myself. But the rest consisted of an eclectic collection of works ranging from poetry to every manner of literature and texts on subjects like geology and ship construction and engineering.

I don’t remember the man but those bookshelves told me a lot.

'HillBilly', on the other hand, is an exemplar of true artistic and intellectual profundity, and "of merit, innate talent and refined achievement". How could y'all not have elected her President?

Just can’t get her off your mind, Corporal Spode?

Americans did elect her, by three million votes.

"HillBilly" - more of your contempt. Feel the hate.

Leave it up to the worthless limey piece of shit to bring up Hillary Clinton for no reason at all except to to show what a misogynistic douche it is.

Long after my mother passed away, I looked over our collection of "The Great Books". In the margins of many of the great works of literature and philosophy, I found that she had written notes. Even in death, my mother inspired me to read. I only wish that I had been able to discuss these with her while she was still alive. President Trump is inspiring something altogether different.

Of course the dishonest worthless limey piece of shit conveniently forgets that fact.

I went to an excellent prep school (though it took four years for them to get wise and throw me out), and probably the best-read and most knowledgeable guy there was a janitor. He not only knew seemingly everything, he understood it all.

What a beautiful tribute to your grandfather. Nicely done!

What was that quote again: "He knows the price of everything but the value of nothing?"

Yes, the definition of a cynic.

What a lovely tribute to a man who was indeed a true intellectual.

'"HillBilly" - more of your contempt. Feel the hate.'

'HillBilly' is merely a light play on words given that Hillary and Billy are a team, er, well, except when it comes to marriage fidelity, of course.

So no "hate" involved although I confess to the "contempt" but then, what else could one feel on hearing her chilling words following the death of her own American officials in Benghazi, "What difference, at this point, does it make?" I wonder how the relatives of the murdered took that verbal shrug?

Troll drivel. We know you for who you are.

Oh I get it Duff! It is one of those convenient portmanteau words that becomes funnier each time you use it even when if it would appear to be tiresome after the fiftieth sally. It is sort of like PedoHeath isn’t it? That neologism is used to describe conservative British politicians with exceedingly nasty habits who were protected by authorities for years.

You know what would have been even nicer? If the old gentlemen had a taste for first editions. Sadly the Twain volumes were not. Nor any of the others.

Call me a cultural snob to if you like, I’ll own it, but when you tell me Kid Rock and Ted Nugent visited the White House but did not perform I have to think Trump dodged a bullet there. Comedy, on the other hand, is a well respected art and Palin a premier if unintentional performer thereof.

David, are you aware that you have black ancestors? The human race originated in Africa, so if you go back far enough (50,000 years), they will be black. Surely you do not quarrel with the findings of DNA research?

And perhaps there might be a person of color in your more recent ancestors. Have you aver taken a DNA test to verify if this is the case? Just rub a swab over the inside of your mouth and send it in.

The scary thing is that at some level, I am related to you.

I will try to find the article, but it stated that possibly 13 million votes were stolen for Bills little lady. The demo centers of corruption ,don’t really care much who votes or how many times.
Thank god for the electoral college .
But seriously no one would actually read it or look into it. It does not fit the leftist narrative.
Would someone please explain to me , is it possible to disagree without being a troll ? If so ,how, what are the acceptable parameters ?

Glad to oblige mate, your a cultural snob.

Oh you must mean Anne. She voted five hundred times or so. Oh Trumpian rocket scientist, meaning one who blows off his own fingers with sky rockets, could you possibly explain what the Republican scruntineers were doing during this election? Lemme guess? Deep state operatives for Clinton.

Antonio,,,And racism is part of this discussion why ? DUFF has black ancestors, so do we all. I have German ancestors ,, you know NAZIs.
Scots/Irish hillbillies, you know real hillbillies. What’s your point?

We all make mistakes dude but if you’re going to offer an eight word sentence on such a subject try to get the spelling right.

Oh please.

Ok, I will,,you apostrophe re.

I am also sure you also know right where in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, where Jesus said, "Let he who hasn't raw-dogged a porn star and a Playmate, after the birth of his fifth child by his first wife, cast the first stone." I bet it's right near where Jesus said, "Give your money to the rich. Take from the poor."

Well it kind of speaks for itself.

Correction, Peter, I only voted for Hillary 267 times because as a republican, it was my legal limit. But democrats got a 500 vote limit! If we're going to lie, we should at least get our alternative facts straight. ;-)

He can't help himself--it's an automatic reaction.

Still, no sympathies--and he should be cursed out.

And you're a slob who can't fucking spell--or write, for that matter.

Give it a rest, man. It's getting boring watching Peter G and others wipe the floor with you.

Marc, you're being silly. I passed grade six music when I was thirteen. I find music, piano playing easy, but it wasn't something I wanted to do career wise. Purely recreational. According to others I was a prodigy. I'm sure that you don't have the same system in the US so it won't mean anything to you.

This isn't about who can or can't spell. It definitely shouldn't be about belittling people. Stick with what people are saying. As long as you understand what that is. And to the commentator who said that i should refrain from commenting whilst under the influence, well. that's exactly the moment when you make outrageous remarks. I was a little upset sitting around in the hospital with no visitors, totally spaced out. After I came out of surgery my husband sat by my side for four hours. Evidently I appeared to be with it. Clearly I wasn't because I have no memory of him being there..

With a bit of luck, I won't remember this either.

Sometimes you write junk because you're inclined to do so. I'm not responsible for my madness.DA, it's not a choice. Just drug induced madness.

Which, come to think of it, makes our hosts incisive commentary, all the more impressive. PM makes a fool of us all.

You’re crazy like a fox, M^2. If you’re looking for pity, I have none for you.

I'm not looking for pity. I don't need it. I was just trying to explain why i was saying stupid stuff.

Well @ least we have a clean floor. What have you added ?

Intellect, something you sorely lack, hayseed.

You weren't saying stupid stuff, Mary. And you got belittled about your mental status by the Avenger.

And I agree with you that it's not about who can and can't spell.

Hope you're feeling better now!

This is a wonderful story. What a discovery - and learning something new which you had not known.

I hope for you enjoying a quick recovery. Hang in there.

Thanks Max and LR.

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