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June 17, 2018


And then what permanent republican economic libertarian/social authoritarian rule in perpetuity?

Anne might have that right as far as a goal goes. It would do much to explain why so many Republicans declare that racism has no place in their ideology or party but support it every time it gets elected or even presents itself for election. They simply cannot win without it. That is also the reason, in the aftermath of Trump’s election that they insisted it validated their racist or sexist views and demanded they be respected. If we don’t like neo nazis why we are just being politically correct.

You could see this coming of course. Each election cycle required ever more strident appeals to assholism which encompasses pretty much all the objectionable isms. The Republican Party establishment types ruminated every cycle about abandoning their Southern Strategy and then did nothing while the situation became essentially irretrievable. They have no way of backing out now and evolving demographics being what they are an inflection point is being reached where violence is their only recourse. Or maybe mass disenfranchisehement by race.
You could see them toying with these ideas like reversing birthright citizenship and even making the reversal retroactive.

I hate to say it but I think their will be widespread violence if not on a colossal scale. Most on the right simply don’t have the guts for it. The ones that do want to carry this flag are the most virulent racists. So we can look forward to Trump ( or Tweety Amin as my wife now calls him) explaining why violent white supremacists are really good people and Duff will drop round to quote Black crime statistics.

Time will cure all though. The old buggers are dropping dead.

Possibly unrelated, but I have a question. People compare Trump to Hitler a lot, but I'm wondering if Putin is more like Hitler and Trump more comparable to Neville Chamberlain?

With regard to the North Korea “negotiations,” yes.

But if you think Trump is incapable of becoming a dictator if he felt he could, I think you’re mistaken. The only thing stopping him now is “norms” and some of his staff.

Golly I wonder why Trump hasn’t thought of meeting with the Iranian ruling clerics and declaring that problem solved? That being said Anne, the NK dictatorship represents an existential threat to no one regardless of having nuclear weapons or delivery systems. If they ever used them they would almost certainly be annihilated by someone. Maybe the Japanese or the South Koreans now that Trump has made it clear that nuclear proliferation is okay. In fact he even suggested it.

Thank you, Peter for that, but I guess I was thinking more in terms of Putin than NK.

And you would be equally right about that. Russia is a pale shadow militarily of what it was when it controlled the Soviet Union. And couldn’t win in Afghanistan. Sure they are a pain in the ass online and have had some success in places like England and the US in disrupting the old western alliances. But none of this makes them stronger. They are still just Europe’s gas jockey. Without those European markets they face economic collapse. Do they have nukes and delivery systems. Sure do and they are just as useless as everybody else’s.

The truth is that when you think about it there are all sorts of possibilities for new alliances and new international dynamics that do not require American leadership.

Oh and Neville Chamberlain was an optimistic fool but not an idiot. Trump is just an idiot.

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