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June 15, 2018


What ever do you mean soybean futures are plunging? Oh you meant American soybean futures. Canadian soybean futures are going up. As are pork exports to places like Mexico and China.

Interesting point about the new American tariffs on Chinese goods. They were targeted on the basis of there being an alternative source so prices in the US would not rise too much. Turns out they are running out of items that can be tarrifed that fall into this class. When they run out of those things will get really interesting. Trade wars are so damned winnable aren't they?

Is the U.S. going to be the only loser in these trade wars? As an American my foot is actually burning from all the gunshot wounds this idiot mad king keeps inflicting on us. And won't the farmers also be hurt by being deprived of their migrant labor force?

But does he still hate and rage against the people they don't like? Is he still getting rave reviews and coddling from Fox News?

I fear that's all that matters when push comes to shove.

Oh no. It does hurt everyone to some degree or other. But it is very much going to hurt the US the most. Germany kept trying to win two front wars and couldn't. Trumps thinks he can win a twenty front trade war but basically every other nation is just going to trade more with each other. In doing so they will establish alternative supply chains that won't be easily undone later. Brazil is planting soybeans like there is no tomorrow. They need to improve some infrastructure to get them to market more efficiently but when they do that (and there are lots of jobs in doing that) they will remain competitive with the US forever thereafter.

The migrant labor force doesn't really impact things like corn or soybeans or wheat. That production is highly mechanized. Hand picking fruits and veggies on the other hand will be hit hard if the pickers aren't there to pick. Bernie Sanders agrees with this to some degree since he thinks that if those jobs were made high paying enough Americans would want those jobs. He should try it himself if he really thinks that is true. I did a week of corn detassling as a fairly hale teenager and it practically killed me. But then that would make them a lot more expensive wouldn't it?

87% approval from the Republican Party HIS Republican Party - higher than Ike, Reagan, Bush 41 and only matched by Bush the Lesser right after 9/11. There's never been anything like that. Ever.

"Of course, if before 6 November 2016 they had paid attention and carefully listened to Trump and read competent analyses of what his promised policies would do..."

Sadly, I don't know if this was possible, at least if one turned to the MSM. They were too busy shotgunning Hillary with the nonsense about emails and whining about how her and Trump were sooo unpopular plus there was the Comey letter from the last days of the campaign.

Hillary was talking about policies, and one could go to her website to find out more (and newspapers would carry information--just not on the front page.

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