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September 26, 2018


Trump would have "rammed" through the nomination, and Mitch McConnell promised to "plow" through the confirmation. So basically they are trying to force Kavanaugh on the American people against their will. Just like rape.

"The attitude from the Republican party seems to be that we don’t care how many accusers come forward; we don’t care to have a real investigation; we don’t care that most people think he is another sexual predator; we don’t care that a majority of Americans don’t think he should be on the Court; we don’t care that it’s clear Kavanaugh is a serial liar; we are going to ram this nomination through and you can’t stop us. It’s dominance politics at its most extreme." -- https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/9/26/1798863/-Kavanaugh-Confirmation-Is-Simply-GOP-Dominance-Politics

Yes, it's Dominance Politics, and if the old, white men in the GOP have to ram Kavenaugh down the throats of every woman in the country to get their man, they're perfectly willing to do it. American women, however, aren't going to swallow it.

It is not often that I completely disagree with PM. In this case I must. Trump is completely fathomable. With an intellect as deep as a puddle how could he not be? It's the adult body that fools people.

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