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October 26, 2018



And guess who was whining on Twitter this morning about incivility? Poor old Tucker Carlson part of the caravan of hate known as Fox News on air "talent".

Tucks is still out there is he? Well he has been known to provide soothing relief to inflamed assholes.

Here we have another chapter in The Adventures of Florida Man. They are getting to be more common than bus plunge stories.

The only sticker you'd ever see on my vehicle:

The Jehovah Witness Protection Program.

Ha. One Sunday morning my dad inadvertently found that answering the door half asleep and buck naked was effective. One friend have found using a red magic marker and writing "666" on his forehead achieved the desired effect. I try to be more compassionate.

Jon Stewart, in 2004 destroying both Tucker Carlson and "Crossfire" - which went off the air shortly after. Favorite moment: Jon to Carlson" "You really are a dick." It was Jon Stewar's perfect Joseph Welch moment. Worth the ten minutes.

When I was a lad, we had a trailer parked on the side of the house, with curtains for privacy. I, being the oldest child, got to have that as my room.

Well, one fine Saturday morning, I heard the voice of a older woman, which I thought belonged to a family friend. Without opening the curtains, I asked, “Who is that?” The lady asked, “Who are you?” To which i replied, “This is the voice of the Lord!”

It turned out she was a JW.

A few years ago, we had one ring the doorbell here and wanted to talk for a few minutes. Problem was, it was Thanksgiving Day.

I give them a 9 for consistency, since they don’t celebrate holidays. 2 for
Their timing.

Great stuff. As the years have rolled on, when they come to my door I'm now always friendly, kind and compassionate - and willing to discuss theology - which, sadly, typically scares the living daylights out of them.

Been following this exchange and laughing. Back in my youth I was also less than kind to such disciples of JW. Once I spotted a couple of them coming in the door of the apartment building where I lived to try randomly punching intercom buttons. So I started sending them messages over said intercom. As Damien. They hustled out the door at warp speed.

Today I do what you do. I go all ancient mariner on them, in a kindly way, and start the opening gambit of the great religious debate. Before you know it they remember some place else they have to be. And off they go with a cheery wave from me and an invitation to return and discuss transubstantiation.

Works pretty well with Duff types as well. Just ask them a question they don’t want to think about and off they go.

"Damien . . . oh Damien . . !"

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