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October 30, 2018


Great stuff, so happy for you both!

I can understand why you wouldn't want to leave.

Not strictly my business, of course, but is that the Ms. L. Reeves who occasionally graces these columns?

Jes' askin'!

Thank you, Max. Very kind of you!

None other, David. :) He outed me today, lol.

Beautiful area, beautiful man. I don't want him to leave! But we've enjoyed some nice outings together.

My pleasure! Your smiles are the sweetest; it's a great story, and you have excellent taste in men.

Dammit! Those Lefties get all the good-looking gals!

''Twas ever thus. There is a lesson there.

Well that turned out well for all concerned. I am so glad you got to see the DIA. One seldom of thinks of Detroit as a cultural center. But those auto barons had immense wealth and quite surprisingly good taste and the legacy is there to see.

You have the best get out of commenting. excuse ever. I feared your absence was due to the roughness of this place and I missed your opinions. I am delighted for you both.

I'm in shock! Well done you two. Wishing you many happy times together.

There must be a few uncomfortable people looking in here right now. This is so hilarious. Smooth sailing for you from now on L Reeves.

Thanks, Peter. Truth be told, it did get rough at times and I grew to dislike that a bit or more precisely I should say that I began to grow tired of it. But I admire how you and some others maintain an equilibrium that allow you to express your opinion without sounding petty and mean-spirited, and to slough off rude remarks when necessary. Keep it up!

Thanks so much, Mary. And good to hear from you again! But let me please say that I would not want or expect my relationship with PM to guarantee me "smooth sailing." Oh, no! My comments stand or fall on their own, and thankfully they don't reflect on PM. I comment here like anyone else.
Hope to hear more from you, Mary!

Oh, lovely to see this :-) in the midst of so much turmoil and sorrow there is still hope, there is still love.

So glad for you both!

I thought that nothing could induce me to comment here again but you've just made my day. I've not had this much fun since the dog vomited all over my despicable, Trump-supporting, neighbour. L Reeves, you might get a bit of feeble bickering but the days of full throated assault on your character are well and truly done. Believe me, I know.

I don’t think anyone ever attacked her character, but were uncomfortable with her worrying about others’ language used here.

L Reeves, I’m done here. This was a guest appearance. I just can’t put myself in the firing line anymore. It doesn’t seem worth it. It’s so great to see how you and PM chose each other and I wish you both every happiness. All those cynical people who thought they were tuned in, all those who mocked and questioned your level of understanding, those who called you a liar, well, they can try to rewrite history or walk stuff back but the evidence is here for anyone who cares to look. Someone here, whose name I can’t bring myself to write claims that you were never criticised for your character.I really can’t be bothered with such dishonesty. You became the punching bag once I bowed out. Maybe they will find somebody else,preferably female that they can belittle and intimidate.The stupid thing is that they do our host no favours when they try to dictate who can or can’t comment here. Max, if there were a line you would have overstepped it a hundred times. You asked. Between yourself and DA you have driven me away and goodness knows how many others. You have also cost him money because I’ll be damned if I’ll donate where I can’t comment.
I have to say that this is the first time that I’ve really related to my moniker. It’s apt. In real life I have been most blessed.

Thank you again, Mary.

Many people have said it here and that is, if a commenter is being a jerk, ignore them. Many of us, at various times, have given each other this advice. I think it's a far better choice than personal assaults and attacks, name-calling, etc. For example, those who say David is just trolling, just provoking (and therefore make personal attacks on him), well, how about just ignoring him?!

I always enjoyed reading what you had to say and I would welcome you back in a heartbeat. I sense that you are a kind person.

As for myself, I've always admitted that I'm not as informed as many here and I learn from others. But I bristle at meanness and so have spoken out about that. You have, too. I think we're right to do so. But as an alternative to speaking up, I will ignore. Others will choose to ignore me, too, and that's okay. :)

You have been truly kind in speaking up on behalf of others when you feel that they've been unkind or unfair. I applaud that, Mary. So thank you again!

Can't we all just enjoy this minor miracle, a truly joyous story, without spewing venom, Mary?

I just want to keep the focus on L Reeves and Phil. We all just melted with joy when we saw this post. Doris (below) put it so well.

May they have a long, peaceful path ahead of them.

sorry, that should have read, "... when you feel that they've been *unkindly or unfairly treated*"

... and I am adding here an anthem from my own hopeful youth because it fits. I hope it will be enjoyed (the vocal harmonies are really lovely).

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