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October 29, 2018


It was kind of predictable to see the two neuron attack that so many erstwhile Trumpers and apologists took. The bomber, a Trump supporter, was just a nut who took Trumps beliefs seriously. But the Synagogue shooter was a white supremacist and anti-Semitic, therefore a Nazi and therefore a socialist and therefore a leftist. Their proof being that he didn’t like Trump because Trump was surrounded with Jews and allowed Jewish immigrants into the US.

And today Trump is back to calling the press the enemy of the people. Letters are all very well but keeping Trump and his Trumpers at bay requires more concrete measures I think. What you need to do is erect a giant crucifix hung with garlic. Which won’t work either unless the crucifix is made of books. That might scare them away.

How about we round them all up for the biggest Trump rally ever and commence building a wall around them as they're chanting,"Lock her up!".

I see Ted Cruz has adopted the same policy with his supporters shouting for Beto to be locked up. You’d think these nitwits would notice that the Republicans control every branch of government and still haven’t managed to lock up Hillary. On the plus it makes a great IQ test.

Trump was threatening to go to Pittsburgh, and now it's been confirmed he will go to meet with the families Tue. Hope he is properly shunned.

Sue in Seattle

You are absolutely right.

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