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October 03, 2018


Anne J

But this isn't just about him. He was playing to his rabid audience of drooling fanboys. They are just as vile and vicious and clueless about other people as he is. He has just enough talent to know how to play to their ugliest impulses to make the sale which makes it easier for him to scam them. The problem is that those of us who weren't fooled by him for a second are getting scammed as well. Dr. Ford said that what she remembers most about the attack is the way the attackers were laughing at her expense. Nothing like having the PTSD forced on you by President Pussygrabber and thousands of strangers. They should all be put on an ice floe and sent adrift.

Peter G

Deplorables, by their laughter you shall know them.

Anne J

Charles Pierce has a great take on it:


Glad you're back.

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