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November 06, 2018


Trump should have heeded the words of one Commander William Adama: "Sooner or later, the day comes...when you can no longer hide from what you've done anymore."

Despite all voter suppression efforts and gerrymandering the Democrats reset the game. And I will get my fond wish of having Nancy Pelosi for however a brief time once again addressed as Speaker Pelosi. I must add that I hope your post about the leaking of Trump’s tax returns does not come true right away. That’s a pretty big sword to have poised over Trump’s head and the longer it is there the more useful it is. Courage is not a prominent feature of Trump’s psyche.

Divided government like this does not generally produce a lot of legislation. So I expect the House will have lots of time to investigate the very many things that bear investigation. Should be fun.

I expect SCOTUS to rule against any subpoena of just about anything that touches Trump. That's what the big fight over Kavenaugh was all about, as Gingrich admitted a couple of weeks ago.

I am certain they will resist any subpoena that directly touches on Trump although precedents indicate he is not immune to such. All the people who surround him are fair game. To be honest I am kind of looking forward to these witnesses asserting executive privilege for lining their pockets at the public's expense.

I also expect this from SCOTUS but my limited understanding of the Watergate Road Map suggests that Mueller and the grand jury could forward documents and information to the House committees thus avoiding executive privilege arguments and SCOTUS. I'm just a humble software developer, not a constitutional scholar, so please correct me if I'm off base.

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