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November 29, 2018


Glad you have your priorities straight. Enjoy!

I second that.

Coffee. Get coffee. Case Study, Coava, Ristretto. The list goes on.

And don't get me started about the food carts.

I did not love living in Portland overall, but being within walking distance of the downtown Powell's was one of the great experiences of my life as a reader. I'm always jealous when I hear someone is planning a visit there. Enjoy! (And be sure to share a picture of your inevitable haul!)

Live and learn. I had not heard of this emporium of books called Powell's. Of course the nearest to me seems to be in Chicago. That is my wife's home turf though and when I asked if she had heard of it she merely looked at me quizzically and remarked that all sentient beings had or so she imagined. (So if anyone had any concerns about my ego getting out of control have no fear. Rest assured she has it under control.)

That our host might get lost in such a place and lose track of time is perfectly understandable and excusable. Who of us has not been the object of a search party in such a place? Or had to be paged three times before they heard their own name?

Enjoy your break and have some fun with the fabulous L. Reeves.

Oh, you're sweet, Mary. Thank you! And I'll bet PM posts some pics soon. We're having a fabulous time already. Weather is cooperating beautifully so far!

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