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November 05, 2018


Might have something to do with their standards of what constitutes dignity.

That was a lovely piece by E.J. by the way.

Many of them don't want dignity - they want approval to hate the people they hate. That's what he gives them. Cover.

Yep. That’s pretty much what I have observed since Trump’s election. Now, we are told, we have to respect their ignorance or racism or other deplorabilities. It began literally the next day. That is literally what they want dignified. And I, in my most dignified way, invite them to kiss my ass.

I don’t think they even understand the concept of dignity. Like JTL pointed out, they mostly want catharsis for grievances that have largely been manufactured by Fox News et al. There’s nothing rational there. Look at those Trump rallies. There’s nothing there but rage and hatred. The banality of evil demonstrated before our very eyes.

Well said.

The banality of evil, indeed. Thanks for citing this concept. It holds up well, doesn't it?

It sure does. That’s the thing about Trump and his ilk. As crazed and destructive as they are, they’re just so damn boring. The only thing interesting about them is the social psychology of the phenomenon itself, but even that’s been played out so many times throughout history that it’s lost its analytical allure. As for actual ideas that they propose? There’s absolutely nothing there. Or if so, the ideas are so preposterously stupid and cruel (that is, banal) that it’s not worth neither the intellectual or emotional energy to even engage.

Erg, that should be “either.” Damn my inner neurotic grammar Nazi and the lack of an edit feature!

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