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November 07, 2018


David & Son of Duff

Well done, Mr. Carpenter, for honesty in re-designating "a crushing blue wave to [a] relative trickle". Perhaps later you will be able to explain quite where and how and why all that flood water evaporated!

Even so, your Party has won a sort of prize in taking the House although I fear it has an ominous tick going on inside it! Yes, you will be able to slam on the brakes to governance and bring the US of A to a shuddering halt but I am not sure how much good that will do your Party, and its candidate, in 2020! With power comes responsibility and all those 'deplorables' will be watching closely if their government is crippled.

Much as the ridiculous and hysterical and noxious campaign against Justice Kavanaugh played its part in reducing the 'Blue Wave' to a trickle, so to will an irresponsible and vindictive campaign against a sitting President have an even greater effect in 2020. Jes' sayin'!


"Democrats didn’t just take more seats, they took an enormously greater number of votes. Democrats carried both the House and the Senate with vote margins of greater than 9 percent. That’s bigger than the Republican “wave” elections in 2010, or even 1994. It’s a massive margin of victory. Massive.

If it doesn’t look that way from some of the end results, it’s simply because of structural issues. Small rural states, and small rural counties, have an outsized importance in a system that, as we often get reminded, isn’t a pure democracy, but a representative republic. At this point those rural areas are utterly wedded to the GOP. How strong is that attachment? So strong that a dead pimp easily captured a seat in the Nevada state assembly just by having an “R” next to his name. Really.

Democrats demonstrated last night that they can carry this nation by a huge margin. Republicans sat comfortably on top of a system that gives them a Dead Pimp Advantage."

Anne J

Right now I'm just glad that Dana Rohrabacher lost here in California. He was a Russian ass kisser before it was cool. I don't know what's going to happen now with a democratic majority in the house. I'm afraid to envision anything except even more Trump/republican nastiness.

Ed Doerr

Those Senate vote totals are way misleading, IMO.

Both candidates in CA were Dems, so the Rs got zero votes in the country's most populous state to the Dems 6 million.

Don't know for a fact how many, but more than a few Dems ran unopposed for the House as well (the PA district I live in, for instance), creating a similarly skewed raw vote dynamic.

Would love to imbibe the Kool-Aide offered by Politico, but fear it's just empty calories. I'm starting to think that the GOP Senate is "who we are."

Ed Doerr

Said Politico...meant Daily Kos.


Governance. Is that what we've enjoyed these past two years? Has Mexico's check cleared yet?

The Dark Avenger

Old bean, the Democrats will be starting things. You know, like investigations. The kleptocracy that is the Trump Administration will hardly be able to do anything, aside from sputtering “Unfair”, “Witch Hunt”,or “Fake News”.

And unlike the Benghazi hearings, they will be productive.

Peter G

Well Duff you might want to take a look at the vote totals for both the Republicans and the Democrats. If representation were proportional to that then there would have been a blue wave. That should answer your question.


As Peter says, if representation were proportional then there would have been a blue wave. Senate Democrats won a far greater number of votes and still lost seats, and House seats were won despite gerrymandering. Our antiquated 18th century methods of representation based on a farming economy just don't work anymore for 320+ million people in an industrialized nation with urban population centers. We have inland counties in California with higher populations than several states.

Additionally, if the House and Mueller investigations show irrefutable evidence of crimes and unethical behavior, you know which way the so called swing voters will go, don't you?

How can you even find time to comment here? Shouldn't you be busy stocking your cellar in preparation for next March's Brexit?


In California the top two winners in the primary go on to the general election regardless of party affiliation so those senate vote totals are still valid. It's just too bad the Republicans couldn't come up with viable candidates. Not too many years ago, California had Republican governors and more House reps. A proposition passed by the voters put an end to gerrymandering which was implemented by both parties. We've got nearly 40 million people in this state. Our votes should count.

David & Son of Duff

Or, Halster, to rephrase Peter's words and to quote my dear, old Mum, "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride!" Surely a shrewd party does its best to operate within the existing structure, not 'make-believe land'!

Alas, my drinking days are more or less gone but please don't worry your head about Brexit. It will be a 'snafu' because our politicians are as useless as yours but, hey, in our 1,000-year history we have 'enjoyed' a plethora of 'snafu's and lived to tell the tale!


As we see a once great empire reduced to having an economy on par with Delaware or Vermont.


It was just an observation, not wishful thinking. We're stuck with our system of representation for the long term and we will continue to operate within the existing structure, just as we did yesterday. However, gerrymandering and voter suppression can and will be remedied eventually. This outrage from the right is just a futile reaction to changing demographics and progressing from a farm economy to industrial, then to the age of information and globalization. Change is hard for most people.

And good luck with your "snafu" if that's what you want to call recession, inflation and empty grocery shelves for the short term, and overall economic decline in the long term. A senseless, self-inflicted wound.


Not sure anything Muller finds will influence Trump supporters. In my House district, voters reelected Duncan Hunter, currently under indictment. (He blamed his wife!) Republicans voters didn't care.

Perhaps Independents will be swayed, if they haven't been already. But if you ever supported a person who bragged about grabbing women's genitals, who claimed a tortured, Medal of Honor holder, prisoner of war was not a hero, who calls people "low IQ", "crooked" "horse face" and "pig", and urges a group of Boy Scots to "boo" a former President and First Lady, I'd say there is not much hope decency is high on your priority list.

David & Son of Duff

Well, Max, I'm sure you're not one of those chaps who thinks size matters but, as it happens, the British economy seems to be ranked 6th/7th in the world.

Also, I would add that personally I am delighted to be rid of our "once great empire" which cost us a fortune in blood and treasure!

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