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December 26, 2018


This is a bit of a problem with the internet. It increasingly makes the whole concept of trial by jury irrelevant. All you need is one juror and a change of venue means nothing unless they don’t have the internet there. What does Trump do every day but try to poison his future jury.

So, Frank Underwood is a thoroughly evil, conniving, win-at-all-costs, bisexual man. Doesn't it seem a bit of an odd choice to attempt to use his portrayal of that character to either plead for sympathy or justify his innocence?

Yes, good point. I think this video is more than a little "bizarre." If I was accused of serious sexual crimes, I think I would try to keep my head down and not draw extra attention to myself. If I made a statement, I certainly wouldn't do it by impersonating a fictional character. And if for some reason I felt compelled to defend myself in the guise of a dramatic persona, I wouldn't choose one famed for his perfidy. Really a weird move on Spacy's part.

Seemed more like he wants his show back. I thought House of Cards was clever (if dark and unrealistic) the first couple of seasons, but it lost me after that (I'm also always behind because I wait to get DVDs from the library!). Always hated his odd Southern accent. Robin Wright was the best thing about the series.

Too bad Spacey turned out to be such an awful human being in his personal life.

Sue in Seattle

You know, that was a thought I had too. Almost ignoring his current legal travails, the message could seem to be saying, "That last season would have been so much better with ME in it!"

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