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December 10, 2018


If you want a laugh you need only to listen to the comic stylings of the array of hopefuls wishing to replace May. Most notoriously we have Boris Johnson but they all say pretty much the same thing. Theresa May has made a complete hash of delivering on the promises the Brexiters made. But they do not speak of seizing the helm, at least not yet. No it is up to May to fix this and renegotiate the deal that was the EU’s final offer. Not much of a offer either mind, but pretty much what an experienced bar patron might expect when watching another over refreshed customer offer to the take on 27 bouncers all by themselves. None of these hard core Brexiters are insisting or even offering to replace May and show everyone how it should be done. No sirree. It is up to May to fix the unfixable and then resign. So they can take her place. It is like a convention of cowardly lions. Hear them roar!

The ECJ has ruled that Britain can cancel the Article 50 process unilaterally ( Is that something May could do on her own, and then resign?

Probably not. It doesn’t really change the divides within Britain which transcend party lines. Parliament only agrees on what they shouldn’t do and not do on what they should do. Parliament of course can do whatever it likes including ignore the referendum results and withdrawing Article 50. MPs who happen to be elected from districts that voted to remain are not really at risk. Everyone else is at risk of ending their political career. That is the majority of MPs. And still it doesn’t get any better because both major parties are riven on this issue. Pretty hard to put a party back together when one half thinks the other half are traitors. Clusterfuck does not even begin to describe this situation.

So this just gets better and better. The general consensus among the Brexiters is that if parliament fails to approve this deal it will miraculously cancel the 39 billion Euros Britain has agreed they owe the EU and agreed to pay as part of the negotiation. Why this should be so God only knows. There is an enormous number of things that Britain will need to negotiate with the EU in the event of a no deal Brexit. But the first thing on the EU list is bound to be when are they going to get paid that 39 billion that Brexiters think they would no longer owe. Why would anyone imagine that reneging on your nation’s debts could be a problem? Gosh what could go wrong there?

Poor woman, she's reached the end of the line but still she tries to kick the can down the road. At some point it just becomes frustrating, and actually that point happened a long time ago for most British citizens who are sick to death of it all. There is no new or better deal. The EU have made that abundantly clear. There is a possibility that a word or two of the agreement might be tinkered with in order to be fully transparent but the substance will remain the same. I think it was Donald Tusk who said that the EU might consider changing the font. Hopefully there will be a second referendum where common sense prevails but still the prospect of blood on the streets is very likely whichever way this goes. This ridiculous state of affairs should never have been allowed to happen.

It is rare that we agree entirely but in this case I can find no grounds to disagree.

Don't know much but as I recall, none of the brave Brexiteers wanted to be PM to see their debacle through in the first place. Calling for an entirely new referendum to see if stay can win seems sane. Scotland may want to leave UK to join EU. That seems like a disaster in itself.

You’d think that option makes sense wouldn’t you? And it does but only to the sane. Of which there seems a paucity right now.

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