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January 04, 2019


It was rude, crude, and invites talk of equivalency. "See, they do it too!"

It also hampers real efforts to hold Trump accountable because it suggests that anyone considering impeachment is motivated by animus rather than facts or justice.

Impeachment is serious business, and successful removing Trump from office will require bipartisan support. This does not help.


Have a care, Sir, attack the, er, delightful Ms. Tlaib and your regular lady reader might accuse you of misogyny!

I had no intention of being gender police here. I couldn't believe how stupid it was for her to do that.

Anne, please accept that my remark was aimed at no one in particular — it was just a general, preemptive defense.

Exactly right. This kind of outburst is simply childish (and she's 42) and, as you note, does not help.

This is a perfect example of a Kinsley Gaffe, Democrat version.

I also find it offensive, childish, and decidedly unhelpful. But I am curious about Rahm Emanuel's past use of such language, of which I am somehow aware but of how I'm aware of it, I don't know. If it was only used privately, how do we know of it? It became common knowledge via leaking, I suppose?

And now I'm wondering...if it's common knowledge about Rahm, do we find that less offensive than someone like, say, Hillary using motherf***er in private meetings? What would be our opinions of women who we learn speak this way in closed-door meetings, as did Rahm Emanuel? For that matter, what do we think of Rahm Emanuel doing it? I'm just tossing this thought out there for contemplation.

Good that you bring this up. He's an awful person. His foul mouth is but one example. He was and is uncommonly abusive to people around him - it's stuff of legend, actually, and that's how it was brought up. He was and is proud of being abusive.

I understand. I just couldn't believe she would give republicans ammunition right out of the gate.

If it wasn't her, it would be something else. They'll head to their fainting couches at the drop of hat, despite their prior mumbling over the president's behavior. I mean, sh*t, they're getting worked up over a college video of Ocasio Cortez DANCING!

The best thing is to ignore their criticism. I thought Pelosi's response was dead on.

Article in Vox that pretty well sums up my feelings: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/1/4/18168461/kevin-mccarthy-rashida-tlaib-profanity

Trump has said in public speeches far worse, and we've heard reports about what he has said in private (shithole countries, etc). Not that I would recommend using m***er casually, but I'm also not shocked. Of course, I was told when I was younger that I had a mouth like a truckdriver, so...

I worry a lot more about this admin's actions. Family separations and Muslim bans are the real obscenities.

Sue in Seattle


Pelosi said, "Generationally, that would not be language I would use, but nonetheless, I don’t think we should make a big deal of it."

Pelosi also said that what Tlaib said was "nothing worse than the president has said," and that the episode "consolidates his base, but I don’t think they need much consolidation."


Great movie.

I agree!

One should always be conscious of the presence of children when using salty language. And also one should be accurate. Motherfucker? Pshaw! Mothers, his spouses, are what Trump leaves behind while he is pornstar fucking.

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