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January 25, 2019


To archaeologists, a "hammerstone" is a tool used to chip away at something in order to make another tool, or shape a block. Particularly apropos as Mueller chips away at the lies, obstruction, and witness tampering surrounding RussiaGate.

One might say that Stone, is, all and all, just another brick in the wall--the one surrounding the Trump crime family.

Well good morning to you too, sir! Oh happy day! I think his Nixon tattoo will be replaced by the name of his new prison husband.

What a beautiful thing to wake up to.

It is a good day to indict.

I probably shouldn't enjoy so much watching the CNN footage of Stone's arrest endlessly looping. But I can't help myself. If I don't stop grinning ear to ear my face may freeze into risus sardonnicus. I hear this laughter in the distance. I think it is Hillary.

Hillary laughing and munching on popcorn.


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