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January 26, 2019


Right-wing commentators got us into this mess to begin with, and I'm shutdown-exhausted.

I wish that they would accept that the government must open, and do regular order.

This recent national pain was pointless.

Perhaps it has served a higher purpose:

"This shutdown thing has been a monumental blunder by Trump. It isn’t just that Trump started the process by saying he owned it. That is just the usual Trump stupidity. But the bigger impact that few people are talking about is that in just over 30 days, Trump has ruined two of the biggest messages the GOP has worked for decades to create.

“Government is the problem.” The one thing this shutdown is accomplishing is to show how important government is. The dimwits in the media are still talking about “800,000 government employees”. It is much bigger than that. It is affecting 40 million people directly. Anybody who flies is facing long security lines and uncertain safety. Airlines will soon have to curtail flights, which will affect airline employees, food service companies, taxi services etc etc etc People who have food trucks at the National Mall are affected. People who depend on Medicaid and SNAP may soon be impacted. Anybody needing their IRS refunds may face delays. It is not “800,000 lazy government employees.” The GOP has worked hard every single day since Reagan to create the “Government is the problem” narrative. Trump has single-handedly blown this away.
“Pelosi is the bogey-woman.” For the past decade, the GOP has made Nancy Pelosi public enemy number one. Don’t look now, but Speaker Pelosi is now held in higher esteem than ANY living Republican (other than possibly Colin Powell or GW Bush,) and the media now clearly sees her as the primary spokesperson for the non-Trump world.

Timing is everything. A year ago, most of the media was in fear of Fox News, and they insisted on presenting “both sides” of everything (and often just the Trump side), regardless of the truth. Now, most of the world understands very clearly that Trump, Putin and the entire underworld they work for are the greatest threat the world faces today. The media was ready for somebody to turn to, and Speaker Pelosi was in the right place at the right time."

I was patrolling myself the other day. Personally I hope Kurt Schlicter’s advice at Townhall is followed. He asserted he was willing to settle for ninety percent of what Trump promised. And he challenged his conservative allies to suggest a single alternative Republican presidential candidate who would even dare to fight for what Kurt and friends believe in. Hold fast to Trump he advises. Pretty please say I.

"A year ago, most of the media was in fear of Fox News, and they insisted on presenting “both sides” of everything (and often just the Trump side), regardless of the truth." No. This is one of the problems of the Kos; that's their own fantasy world (where, for example, Bernie can never fail; Bernie can only be failed). Of course bothsidesism is a real problem - but increasingly less so, and this problem did dramatically shift on November 9, 2016. (Right before the Washington Post put on its letterhead "Democracy Dies in Darkness.") When Caitlin Flanagan can rightfully nail the NY Times for its complicity in electing Trump, when Chris Cuomo is swarmed when he bought into Kamala Harris being subjected to birtherism and is generally being nailed for his own bothsidesism, those winds have markedly shifted. (Now we need to target the National Enquirer for the traitors they are.)

Notice the three past Republican presidents have all been wimps.

Nancy Pelosi: "The most important woman in the history of American politics" - Barney Frank

Even Bush the Lesser? Of course he had the very un-wimpy Dick Cheney pulling his strings.

Bush the lesser was a coward in '68 when he hid behind his father's skirt. And whatever really happened when he was discharged from the Texas Air Guard, they sure don't want us to know. And Bush was a coward on 9/11. Can you imagine Reagan or Kennedy or Ike or Truman who would obey his VP and not come back to DC? He was a coward towards the corporate class (in fact, that is Al Gore's biggest complaint, including Dubya's cowardice there); he was a coward on Iraq in countless ways.

Cheney is a coward, another chickenhawk (recall his statement he had "other priorities" during the Vietnam War), arguably a war criminal for Iraq and torture.

His father was not a coward in battle and was a legit war hero; too bad he degenerated into that toxic overweening ambition coupled with cowardice when he entered politics.

Are you talking about the dirty politics of Lee Atwater that he welcomed into his campaign? And I think I get where your coming from about Daily Kos. I read the full article and mostly agreed with the author except for the part about Fox News. And of course his stupid mea culpa at the end over Nancy Pelosi. Those fresh younger voices need to learn how things work before taking over. Which one of them would be able to handle Trump like Pelosi did especially since Trump has made older more experienced, politicians shake their heads in wonderment about how to deal with him.

When a writer says a year ago most of the media was afraid of Fox news, that is just such horseshit I have no interest in reading much more. Same so if one cannot see Nancy Pelosi's greatness, the greatest Speaker since Sam Rayburn. There is an awful lot of ahistorical drivel from the young white left. It shows how badly we needed and need to teach civics.

With Bush 41 it didn't start with Lee Atwater (there is a great picture floating out there of Atwater and his partners, Robert Manafort and Roger Stone); and the 1988 Election did set a new low. Bush entered politics as an anti-civil rights Goldwaterite. He had no core convictions and used race to divide us.

I must say I am feeling more than a little vindicated about the political strategy of keeping Pelosi as Speaker even if it is only an interim measure while a proper transfer of that authority can take place. But now I am wondering how to make that take place and when to do it. Those are starting to seem like pretty big pumps to fill. I am thinking the candidate should, if possible, also be female. If only to make humialiating Trump so much more effective.

After this victory the party will be in no hurry and no one really thought before the 2020 Election anyway By the way, earlier AOC gave a terrific shout-out to Pelosi.

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