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January 23, 2019


You could spend a lot of time wading through the positions of various groups to decide if you agree with them or not. But really it is unnecessary if all you want to do is find out why they despise Trump. I have yet to find a reason not to despise Trump. If they abhor Trump then their reasoning is bound to be pretty sound.

Too bad the far left along with the far right define "capitalism" as pre-1904 (much less pre-1932) laissez faire, free-market capitalism. So it's a stupid, ahistorical discussion. The current far left seems even more intent than the far right in ignoring history.

This seems to be another case, again, of rightwing nutjobs confusing liberals expressing liberal opinions with censorship, tyranny, and oppression. Good grief. It’s like prayer in schools. Not a single liberal has ever called for banning prayer in public schools. We just correctly believe it shouldn’t be mandated or coerced. Likewise, not a single liberal thinks conservative Christian schools should be shut down. We just correctly believe our tax dollars shouldn’t be used to support them and their anti-LGBTQ bigotry (and it is bigotry; that it’s rooted in theology doesn’t matter). I realize the entire conservative enterprise is purposefully fueled by a huge victimhood complex, but do they have to be so obvious about it?

That's a lot of power to be assigning to a political party that only controls one half of one branch of government especially when that party controlled nothing the previous two years.

Many of these Covington Catholic High School Boys all look like future Brett Kavanaughs. You can see it on their smug, entitled faces. There's a similar, privileged boys' Catholic School a few miles from my house. I know it well and a best friend teaches there. She says it's the same deal. Maybe not most - evidently there are quite a few chagrined Democratic families whose sons attend there.

Ask 'em where in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John they find with anti-LGBQ sentiments. On that not this never gets old:

I'm probably fine with prayer in schools as long as they prey to MY God ;)

Indeed, and I can promise you that if you met their parents, you’d be even more repulsed (I work at a high school too).

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