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January 23, 2019


"...eccentric Jeremy Corbyn"? More like loathsome, Jew-hater, Putin stooge Jeremy Corbyn.

Currently the main Brexit divisions in Britain transcend the main political parties themselves. I have dubbed these the Laurels and the Hardys. They both have the same problem which is how to make Brexit go away but with the other guys getting the blame. As much as pundits like to characterize this as some sort of game of chicken between Britain and the UK that is not true.

The EU is now sitting on the sidelines munching popcorn while the Laurels and the Hardys race their hot rods towards the cliff edge. The solidarity with which the EU greeted Brexit negotiations was truly impressive. The Brexiters expected them to fall apart and come crawling with cakes and cherries depending on whatever national interests each EU member might have. But that didn't happen. And now, rushing towards the cliff, the Brexiters scout every observation from every EU politician, like Poland's foreign minister, for signs of the imminent surrender of the EU.

And they still cannot figure out an exit strategy. Between the buckets of flop sweat being generated by the experts who know what will happen with a hard Brexit and the disbelieving hard core Brexiters who now insist, Pee Wee Herman like, that they meant to do this there exists no room for compromise. Reddenbacher anyone? It's butter flavored.

BURGE-LUBIN. It ends in the public services being so good that the Government has nothing to do but think.

CONFUCIUS. Were it otherwise, the Government would have too much to do to think.

BURGE-LUBIN. Is that any excuse for the English people electing a parliament of lunatics?

CONFUCIUS. The English people always did elect parliaments of lunatics. What does it matter if your permanent officials are honest and competent?

Bernard Shaw. The Thing Happens. From his Back to Methuselah Cyclew

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