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January 24, 2019


This is the definition of shooting fish in a barrel. Graham is a contemptible turd; in other news, the Sun rises in the East.

Frankly, what is more important on our side of the political spectrum is Joe Biden self-destructing. Again. And it is inexcusable. Bye, Joe.

I suspect he's been compromised. The unspoken secret in DC is that he's closeted, and Trump has probably threatened to out him, perhaps with intel provided by Trump's erstwhile friend, David Pecker. And Lindsey knows it would destroy him in South Carolina.

If the wall is such an existential matter for the GOP, then why didn't they secure funding for it when they had control of both houses of congress? Senator Aint Pitty Pat is a drama queen with a chronic case of the vapors.

The only reason anyone noticed this backwater jackanape is because he attached his lips to the ass of John McCain. Without McCain..."Lindsey who?"

And thank you, George Will, for telling us all this after 25-years of Reich-wing coddling and excuses.

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