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February 11, 2019


They, AIPAC, have been pretty effective in reducing the Israeli/Palestinian conflict into Manichean terms. I find it unprofitable to weigh in on this issue since you get zero credit for criticizing either side. All you get is lessons in history that most adults who have lived long enough to be perfectly well aware of and already know. Still I do like to ask the super duper Israeli supporting crowd what their end game might be. So you're going to keep building settlements in occupied territory? Okay. How is that going to make the Palestinians not exist anymore. If you are going to absorb that territory then the people, including the Palestinians, come with it. Life will not be easier.

I read her apology/non-apology which swept all lobbyists into one big pile. From this lady, it is just more taqqiah. Linda Sarsour would be proud of her.

Did you know that the Palestinians are also Semitic people Whitewall?


The only thing the 'Palestinian People' are is defeated. In the Arab world, they are disposable Arabs. Nobody in their world wants them.

Palestinians and Israelis are bound to each other by generations of conflict and intimate contact. Israel is forcing them to give up hope for a separate homeland, but the Palestinians will eventually become citizens of a greater Israel. What then?

It might have been different if Rabin hadn't been assassinated. I was part of Rabin's honor guard at Israeli Independence Day ceremonies in 1976.

There are no disposable peoples in this world.
There is a case to be made that individuals who think there are may very well be disposable themselves.

Thank you for this.

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