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February 08, 2019


Thank you, Phil. And feel better.

"Rules of simple decency".

Ah yes, bring it on, I say and let's have less of this sort of thing:

"personal bile and juvenile behavior"
"the Big Orange Ape of Borneo"
"an army of once-sober, now-pathetically fanatical "conservatives" who have done lost their minds"
"As with all his swindles"
"the big red clown shoes of Borneo's Big Orange Ape?"
"that unpresidential model of a truly bad man"
"this Fifth Avenue con artist turned global abomination."
"this hateful clown couldn't possibly get even more vile over one lunch."
"the president's emetic filth?"
"ill-schooled rubes, chumps, the easily bamboozled"
"a faithless Beelzebub, his galactically gullible minions"

Go to it, Mr. Carpenter!

That's fine. Criticize, belittle, denounce, tear into me all you like. But other commenters are to be left alone. That has always been the rule. This is not hard.

That would be a shame but you must do what you think best. More importantly you must do what minimizes aggravation. This cannot be good for your health.

It's just so goddamn unnecessary. I have asked three, four times for all commenters to respect certain guidelines of decency toward others here. Things improve for a while, and then, I'm down for a week and all the childishness reemerges, as though the teacher is out of the room. I'm not running a daycare center. This site is for opinion — political opinion — not personal, infantile retribution. You, Peter, have always hued to rational arguments in response to disagreeable others. Those others seem incapable of that. But that won't be my problem for much longer.

I shall, savage. Thank you.

Does the use of four letter words meet blog standards, even if by a frequent commenter? If someone makes a rare appearance here and disagrees with the usual "Amen Corner", is that inappropriate? If one is constantly called 'racist' or something, is that okay?

BTW, feel better soon.

Of course "disagreement" is not inappropriate. I encourage a divergence of views. But if a commenter cannot distinguish between objective disagreement and subjective slurs, then that commenter is beyond hope. (And no, I don't care what kind of language is used.)

Well I have been an asshole too on more than one occasion. But I have tried to adhere to your policy since you made it clear that was what you wanted. I found it helped me clarify my own arguments anyway which is all to the good from my own point of view.

I can see how dispiriting you might find it to find a raft of ad hominem to wade through after your forced absences. But I will make a plea. Your own willingness to accept just about any personal attack imaginable with a shrug is something I respect. I feel the same way myself. Such arguments come from poor debaters. But none of us like this happening, particularly when you are absent. It makes many of your fans angry. Me too for that matter. People do not think clearly when they are angry. Whatever you decide to do please consider this point. You have no need of anyone to defend you or what you believe in but not everybody understands that.

A good guideline is to never post a comment when you are angry.

"other commenters are to be left alone"

Excellent, er, that does include 'meetoo', I trust!

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