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February 06, 2019


The soft self-bigotry of low expectations.

"Donnie went pee pee in the potty!"

I guess nihilism would eventually be the result of constantly promoting ideas tailored to plutocrats while
bad to disastrous for everyone else. Fascism lite?

Well, the GOP’s singular goal, after all, is to destroy government so that the nation can become a free-for-all playground for the very wealthy. Everything else is just propaganda in support of that goal. Nihilism is exactly what they desire, and they’d well be on their way to getting it if it wasn’t for the fact that they’re simply too stupid to pull it off.

See? He did not even shit the bed as we Republicans desperately hoped he wouldn't. So eloquent was Trump that our friend Duff has declared Trump to be his new hero.

Whenever I see something like that a Twain quote from Huckleberry Finn, the King speaking to the Duke, springs to mind: 'Hain't we got all the fools in town on our side? And hain't that a big enough majority in any town?'

Yes. Yes it is.

A good take on the R party. It has little function anymore except maybe to maintain itself for the sake of it. The proverbial "self licking ice cream cone". It needs to dry up and go away to make room for a proper conservative-small c-movement to replace Conservatism, Inc.

On the other side of the isle another war is taking place. This one has been rolling out for years and at long last the arrival of Trump has caused it to show itself. The Great Reveal it should be called. We are watching a rare revolutionary phase in American politics as leftists have devoured Democrats. Progressives ate liberals. And progressives are now being devoured by socialists, and soon no doubt socialists will be eaten by hard leftists, Communists, anarchists, and nihilists. In such revolutionary logic, perhaps only Antifa will emerge as pure. Talk about nihilism.

1959 called; they want their absurdity back.

Commissar-General Cortez’ tank brigades have secured the Capitol District, stamping out all resistance. The streets run red with the blood of small businessmen, while thousands of men are forced to gay marry their own dogs as their families watch on in horror. A pile of aborted feti marks every corner where the stop signs used to be. Sharia law reigns.

“Please”, begs Joe Q American, humble monster truck mechanic from Heartland, Kansas with 2.3 beautiful children, as the Secret Ilegal Immigrant Police force him to his knees, “No more healthcare!”

“We will make no apologies for the terror”, Commissar-General Cortez proclaims, a cold, steel-like fury in her voice.

As his children are vaccinated before his very eyes, Commissar-General Cortez dances away like Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club.

It is merely the beginning of the end.

The above is an adaptation of a poster I saw.

I knew you couldn't cut it.

"The Commies are coming! The Commies are coming!" No, Whatwall, YOU can't cut it.

If Howard Schultz isn't taxed at less than half your rate, the Commies win!

Whitewall is entirely correct in his prognosis, the Democrat party is set on devouring itself. This would be a sad development because a sensible, centre-Left party is needed in any modern democracy.

Thanks for the laugh. A Trump apologist telling the Democratic Party what it ought to do. Uh huh.

No, he is not.

But such a thought would make both of you hard as--no, not bothering to go there right now. Not in the mood.

Waiting on comments of the dumpster fire that is Virginia state politics. Libs in Blackface, and klan costume,black men is rapeing women. Of course it depends on what the meaning of “is” is. Women must be believed. Well maybe not,,,if she is talking about a Democrat. Leftist bad behavior somehow gets overlooked.
Oh my the horror.

It would seem that there are Democrats with serious issues in VA, Keith. Almost as bad as your own ex-Senator Vitter.

As always, it's about your hatred of the other.

Could you work on your spelling, grammar and punctuation?

Reminds me of why Lionel Trilling labeled conservatism an irritable gesture over 60 years ago.

A timely cartoon:

I have always thought your theory a remarkably simple minded view of the world and of human beings. It is view found almost exclusively on the nuttier fringes of politics wherein it’s adherents dream of what they will do once their nutbars take over a mainstream party. They, as a minority, are somehow going to make the majority tow their line and do what they demand. They are going to show “them”. How they will compel this is never quite explained.

The flip side of course is their view of their ideological opponents. This happens on both the left and the right. The same people who imagine they can take control of either the Republican or the Democratic parties, purge most members, and then sail on to electoral success also imagine that can happen on the other side. Hence they have fevered dreams of on the right of people being forced to become communists or some such bullshit.

The thing about true nutters is that never ever realize they are nutters.

This one is more up-to-date:

Five years ago, he did. Today, Iconoclasts are ruling the culture. These people never stop.

Only people who worship icons have reason to hate iconoclasts.

You know, they don't stop with just certain 'icons'.

Racism certainly should be smashed.

OT but relevant. Some may recall when it came out that Roselyn Carter used to hide pieces of food in the White House quarters, in order to gage the effectiveness of the cleaning staff. I know the indecency of people like that, having worked enough years at menial jobs at subsistence wages in the service industry, where good life lessons are learned. I held my nose and voted for Carter but never forgot that.

And now older and wiser and working in a very large organization, I also know the indecency of bosses who demean staff. When you see high rates of turnover in a department or other unit, you know what that means.

By contrast, when you see staff stay, we know what that means. A key metric is intensity of loyalty of staff. Intensely loyal staff is as large a sign of a high performing department as there usually is.

Years ago Amy Klobuchar had the highest rate of staff turnover in the Senate; she now had the third highest staff rate of turnover. It is now quite clear from numerous reports she demeans and mistreats staff. Character matters. Character is immutable. This is a deal breaker.

Well, more revealing for me about Jimmy Carter was his open admission that one of his regrets about the early part of his marriage was not treating Roselyn as a complete equal. Hell, for all that you and I know, he might’ve suggested that himself!

But the greater point is the ability to admit mistakes and learn from them. Something I recommend to all, near and far.

If Jimmy suggested that to Roselyn then shame on both of them. I am glad to hear his regrets early in their marriage. Either way, Amy Klobuchar has dropped off my short list, and shame on her. Seeing one's failings and learning from them is a key to real growth, maybe the most important key.

Uh, no disrespect but it's called the Democratic Party. Really, if you want to be taken seriously in a discussion of American politics, you might want to learn the names of the two major parties.

I never heard that about Rosalynn Carter. Even if true, why would it reflect on her husband? Not sure what to think about the stories about Amy Klobuchar. Wonder if she's being held to a higher standard than male politicians. Haven't heard that she wore blackface or sexually assaulted anyone, so...

Sue in Seattle

Huh, interesting, I hadn’t heard that. To be fair, in order to encourage people to acknowledge mistakes, apologize, and learn from them, we need to not hold their mistakes against them forever. But as for Klobuchar, she was never really on my short list because, in my opinion, she has all the charisma of a doorstop.

Well no I will not, as I can only comment here after excessive drinking. Which washes away what little learnin’ I possess. I usually just check on the current leftist silliness , laugh and leave.

"Wonder if she's being held to a higher standard than male politicians." Absolutely not. I see that argument being made elsewhere, and frankly the question is now becoming: are women being held to a lower standard? What is happening to male politicians who wore blackface or sexually assaulted? Shown the door. A male politician (or boss) who is demeaning and abusive of staff is every bit as unacceptable. It's just plain wrong, no matter who it is. Period. Klobuchar had the highest staff turnover of Senators; she is now third. I believe those staff (most seem to be women, BTW) who are now telling their stories.

I work in a female-dominated profession, early childhood education. My boss, a woman eight years my junior, a woman of vision and guts, and heart, would never dream of treating her staff as anything other than her most prized professional asset. For that reason and more I will protect and defend her at all times. As she will me. Most of my best bosses were women - and NONE of them were anything other than decent and nurturing. I wouldn't work for a woman or a man who was abusive and demeaning. Fck them.

No excuses - regardless of gender.

I have learned in my long life there are far worse things to be in life than a sweet drunk. And few things worse than an abusive drunk.

Thanks for sharing.

The quality of trolling here is somewhat lessened of late...

Yes. Do you count Snake Mary?

Negative territory there, Max.

Sorry, 'ren', but nobody on this site would take me seriously even if I described your party more accurately as the 'Socialist Party of America'!

Sorry; you're right. A little too quick on the send button. Watch the blowback.

You can be accurate, or you can act like a spoiled brat and therefore cease to have a claim to be taken seriously.

PM, are you OK?

I’ll try to do better in the future.

We've been hearing the "Socialist Party of America" infantile rubbish since Franklin D. Roosevelt took office in 1933, 86 years. We've been hearing it forever, along with "The Commies are coming!" What is closer to the truth is the Republican party being the Fascist Party of America, which you reinforce very nicely.

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