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February 11, 2019


It is pretty savage out there. My relatively recent explorations into social media via Twitter convinces me that there are battalions of trolls poised to assault all Democratic candidates. But the assaults on the female candidates have been particularly odious.


It's not just politics. I was reluctant to comment on this piece after reading the vitriolic comments in other comment sections on this site from the "traditional masculinity" crowd. If people have a problem with women trying to talk like men, I would refer them to the abuse women have to take when they speak up as a woman. Not just in politics. It could happen in the workplace, the home, or comment sections in blogs including this one. It's sad, but I have been reading this blog since about 2003. I don't remember so much ugly trolling as there has been here in recent months. It's not our hosts fault. Maybe the world is just uglier now than it was back then.

And "Heh" from 'MeeToo'!

Address the subject. Enough of this "Hillbilly" crap etc etc that has nothing to do with anything except poking readers in the eye. It's not witty, it's not funny, and it's certainly not insightful. You asked.

Keep the faith, my friend. More and more men are coming to the realization it will be the women who will save us. I really dig your comments.

Actually, Mr. Carpenter, I didn't 'ask' for anything but since you answered anyway then may I point out that I do not write "Hillbilly", it is 'HillBilly', indicating the, er, 'partnership' between Hillary and Bill. What is wrong or offensive in that?

As for the less than honourable Sen. Warren, she has admitted and apologised for her history of false claims (ie: lying) about her ancestry, so she is not subject to *sexist* attacks because she is a woman, merely *honesty* attacks because she seeks high office, much as you, Sir, flay your eccentric President.

As for your readers, Sir, I have found that they can take a poke in the eye and then give back as good as they get! You have no need to molly-coddle them!

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