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March 29, 2019



This isn't at all surprising. Yesterday none of the eight indicator votes reached a majority:, though the customs union option came close, it was voted down by 271 votes to 265.

It's way beyond the circular firing squad or clusterf*#k. Now all that's left is finger pointing. But by refusing to vote no confidence in May, they have at least reached a majority decision on their chosen scapegoat.

Peter G

But because the 1922 Committee challenge to her leadership failed they cannot even get rid of May until after December. I don’t think May is full yet anyway. There’s a lot more baggage to be loaded on this scapegoat before she can be set free. Really the British need to start with a clean slate and set up two new parties. There will be the I Blame May party and the I Blame the EU party. The latter will dominate British politics for generations after they get the boot. And make no mistake, they will get the boot. The EU simply could not afford to let an endlessly disruptive Britain stay. The EU consensus seems to be to keep Britain on a customs union short leash.

Peter G

You no doubt noticed btw that these last eights votes were indicative. All their previous votes seemed to be sativa based.


Sadly, I think that Peter is right. The EU knows that Britain will never be a cooperative member of a union that they distrust in principle. It's very sad for my family who have actively campaigned for Remain. Also, for my brother, Brexiteer extraordinaire, who I'm guessing is hoping that it never happens so he won't have to take any responsibility. He'll argue that it could have worked if they only followed his favoured plan. "They would've dealt". I think not.


You're making me hungry, Peter.


Schroedinger's EU...


Or maybe more specifically indica based, the more stupid subspecies.

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