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March 06, 2019



Centuries to come political historians will wonder even more why *an entire party*, an outlier among all Western Democracies, lost its collective mind. They made Trump possible, and their support is why he is still in the White House.

With respect to the ongoing debate on anti-Semitism and the state of Israel, Exhibit A: On Republicans and loyalty to one's country is found in John Boehner, without consulting our President, invited Benjamin Milhouse Netanyahu to speak before Congress - of whom the Republicans showed more loyalty than to our own President and deliberately undermining our President.

Joseph Ernst

Perhaps the insanity was noticeable in the letter written by numerous Congressman to the “leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran” in an attempt to Scuttle the nuclear deal with Iran.

As much as Democrats distrust Donald Trump, they haven't written Kim Jong Un to voice their concerns about Trump's trustworthiness.

Peter G

Systems produce only results they are designed to produce. Very tautological that is. But it is nevertheless true even when the system designer overlooks possible outcomes. I have been watching American politics with admittedly varying degrees of interest for over thirty years. I would attribute your current state of affairs and the condition of the Republican Party to tinkering with your truly awful primary system. They didn’t mean this to happen. Trump wasn’t what they intended to produce but he was the result.

There are a great many things I admire about America and Americans, but your primary system of electing candidates is not one of them. Technology is making it much much worse than the awful thing it was.


The smoke-filled rooms don't look so bad in retrospect, although we have also seen stronger candidates emerge from the primary system as well. "Feeding the base" as Karl Rove stated had more to do with Trump's nomination than primaries; the field was plowed. It was an already insane party.

Peter G

I agree, they were. And then they took steps to ensure their primary voter base came ever father from the fringes of their own party so it just got worse. Lord help us if the Democrats follow that route.


If "it’s inconceivable they will not act to condemn it,” how can he be complaining about it? Maybe he meant ”unconscionable.” But that doesn’t sound much like a Trump word.

Peter G

I don't think either word would mean what Trump thinks it does. h/t to TPB

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