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March 06, 2019


Peter G

FDR could certainly do that. But only after Farley whispered in his ear. Useful guys to have around are these Farleys.

I agree that Joe is so far the best bet. Running mate would be key though because, well, age. Age isn't a stone Trump could cast. or a stone Bernie could cast. Now me I am really still leaning towards Harris as a running mate. And that is if she doesn't take the position on the top of the ticket. Which would also suit me fine.


Joe Biden would be a strong candidate, and I would support him strongly. It's true he has negatives, but so do other candidates, and the Republicans would find/create them. He currently leads Trump by about 10 points in national opinion polls.

I do think Sherrod Brown would be a stronger, virtually unbeatable candidate, once the electorate was familiar with him. Whether he will jump in is certainly unknown to me.

I don't know what people see in Kamela Harris that has elevated her to her lofty position in the eyes of some. She has never run a campaign against a Republican, and being from California, she brings nothing to the electoral table, and will find difficulty in relating to problems in more typical states.

In general, I think a female candidate is at a disadvantage in trying for the highest office in the land, even though some are as qualified as any. (Warren today, Clinton yesterday). They will be criticized for things which a male candidate never would be, and these criticisms will find resonance in the press. Trump offers a textbook case that was so persuasive that he garnered the majority of white female voters against a white female. Job#1 is getting rid of Trump, and I think this is not the year take a chance on a woman to do it.

Anne J

Joe Biden can do politics and policy in his sleep with one hand tied behind his back. Of course he will have moments in his political past to account for, but what politician going for the brass ring doesn't? Could it possibly be any worse than the real criminal ignoramus squatting in the oval office now? I believe Biden would be better than any of them at going toe to toe with Trump in a debate and hurt him badly. I will never forget how he made minced meat out of Paul Ryan in 2012, and for better or worse, Ryan knows more about politics and policy than Trump will ever know. Of course Trump also has no interest in learning. As to Mr. Biden's age, I wonder how many progressives who have a problem with that are Bernie Sanders supporters? If Bernie and Ron Paul have taught us anything, it's that they attract young voters. Not sure how much of a plus that is though, because usually it's the young voters who don't know any better. I'm sure Biden is aware of his age, so I trust him to choose a younger running mate who could capably take over if he dies in office or only wants to serve four years. On a more trivial note, he's also got a nice smile, a great personality, and given a chance to shine like he did in the Obama years is quite likeable. And like it or not, likeability is a key component to electability.

Peter G

Yea I noticed that too Anne. Biden can't possibly attract youthful voters but Bernie can and Trump can? Of course Joe can do that.


Steve M. over at No More Mister Nice Blog has a look at Biden up today. Though he pointed out a more frightening scenario yesterday: Howard Schultz and Mark Cuban getting into the race and splitting the anti-Trump vote.

Which is a lot more terrifying than Joe Biden.

Peter G

Why such a large field? Same reason the Republicans had a large field in 2016. They thought the opposition vulnerable. Plus some sought name recognition could be built into future electoral prospects. There are a lot of longshots in the Democratic candidates so far declared. A lot of them virtual unknowns who might be expected to leave the campaign trail as swiftly as Scott Walker did when the cash didn't roll in. With so many candidates fundraising ought to be especially difficult so I think the fog of candidates ought to clear out quickly. that would be a good time for Joe to roll out his campaign if he is running.


Plus, Trump's insult/nickname for him - "Sleepy Joe" - isn't nearly banal enough for undecided but Trump-leaning voters and it might be too late to change it now; he's already thrown it around a few times. I don't think you get a do-over on name-calling at the Presidential level. There's so much I don't know about civics.


Well said, Anne. Yes, he needs a younger running mate, and probably limit himself to 4 years, although I think it would be unwise for him to state that.

My wife came up with this article by Garrison Keillor which I'm sure you will find interesting.

"The American electorate wants this man (Trump) to disappear into the back pages and the Democrats owe it to us to make that happen. This is no time for a great leap forward. It is time for him to go so that journalists can go back to writing nonfiction and Congress can get back into business. Let’s put a woman in charge in 2024. First, let’s have an old white guy (Biden) with thin hair throw the rascal out."

Ed Doerr

I agree with this.

Ed Doerr

Joe Biden's favorability rating currently is +24, according to this morning's news.

However, let us not forget that Jeb Bush's favorability rating was +27 in July, 2015, but had declined to -1 by January, 2016, in advance of the first primary.

I expect Biden's popularity to follow the same track as Jeb's did, though probably not as precipitously.

Joe has looked markedly weak the last two times I've seen him (in very short clips, admittedly). Not drooling yet, but heading in that direction. He will be 78 by January, 2021.

In my opinion, we Dems have to do better than Joe. Running him would be like running Hillary again...indicative of a party afraid of the future, clinging to its past, and a none- too-glorious past at that.

Just my $0.02.

Peter G

But a perfectly respectable two cents. We all give different weight to different factors.

Peter G

I forgot to ad that Nancy Pelosi is currently 78 and I am damn she is Speaker of the House.


With Sherrod Brown now out, Biden seems to me inevitable now. That is, if Democrats want to win. I am hoping that at some point Brown endorses and campaigns for Biden.

If it's not Biden, then I would prefer to lose with Warren than with any of the others.

Age 78? Isn't Nancy Pelosi now 78, and planning to be leader until she is 82? I don't see any mental decline in her. As I am 73 myself, I resent the slight whiff of ageism in your comments.

S Comstock

I'm kind of sad to see that Sherrod Brown is out. But some are saying that may open the way for Biden. I think he's too old, too, and I'm no spring chicken. The Presidency is much more stress than being a judge or Speaker of the House. I want someone younger, with less of a record of gaffes and bad legislation. Hillary got beat up over the crime bill, and she wasn't even in office. I know Biden fought for the Violence Against Women Act, but he's also got to answer for Anita Hill.

Sue in Seattle

I like Kamala Harris a lot. Ever seen her in a Judiciary hearing? She made Jeff Sessions "nervous." She campaigns with a lot of joy, which is nice to see, especially in contrast to the anger on the Republican side.

S Comstock

Wish the comments had an edit function!


Bad argument. President. of. the. United. States. Not Speaker. Not Supreme Court. President. of. the. United. States.

I can't get behind someone whose age is such that insurance actuary tables have him dead before his term is out.


Thank you. And the inexcusable Bankruptcy bill.

Supporters of the Crime Bill are being unfairly tarred, the bill endorsed by Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, The Council of Mayors, the Congressional Black Caucus; when the murder rate was twice as high, etc., and where the increase in incarceration took place at the state level. On that Joe and the rest do not deserve getting beaten up.

Ed Doerr

I'm 70, and I definitely am an ageist as far as the presidency is concerned.

It always has been publicized as the most physically, psychologically, and mentally challenging job in the world. Maybe that is an exaggeration, but not by much. ever since i was a little kid, newspapers have run those before-and-after pictures of the various presidents, and they always aged...obviously and a lot. I expect Joe to age quite a bit more in the next two years.

Calling me out for ageism isn't the same as arguing that the average, or even far better than average, bloke is as capable at 78 as he was at 68, which is an argument that I notice you don't even attempt. The reason you don't, I am guessing, is because you know it would be obvious balderdash to suggest anything that silly.

I have nothing against Joe. But his best days are behind him, as are mine. If the Dems can't offer better than him for POTUS, at this point in his career/life, we are pressing a weak argument, in my opinion.


Even though I will be getting new knees in the next couple of years, I will not be showing up for Giants training camp.

And again, look at how much Obama aged while in office, starting at age 47.


Good argument, not bad. I suspect that the Office of Speaker is every bit as stressful as the office of the Presidency. She has to try to keep 240 egomaniacs in line, and fight with Trump in her spare time.


The office of President is not a solo job. You can delegate a lot, and I trust that Biden would be very competent on his choice of Cabinet/Advisers. Even I don't see Biden staying in the job for more than four years, so the political pressures of seeking re-election will not be there.

I haven't been following this site during the period that Duff was given free rein, so I don't know if you've said anything. But who exactly do you prefer for the Democratic nomination?


But on other matters, you are perfectly happy to beat him up. I'm sure that Bernie will be in on it too. Why do we need Republicans to do the heavy lifting when they have the assistance of you and Bernie?

Well, just as long as you vote for him in the general election, if he is the candidate. If he's not, I will vote for the person with the D next to his name, but I will make a mental note to prepare myself for 4 more years of Trump, or nuclear war, whichever comes first.


"the average, or even far better than average, bloke is as capable at 78 as he was at 68, which is an argument that I notice you don't even attempt."

Fair question, so I will attempt it.

My first response would be that even if the 78 year person is not as capable as he was at 68, he may be Capable Enough for the purposes at hand, which is restoring sanity to government and saving democracy.

But it goes farther than that. People can and often do gain wisdom as they get older. I would venture that this has happened with Biden. He has had a lot of life experience, and governmental experience since he made some unwise decisions when he was younger. I would claim that mentally, he is more able now than when he was younger.

Physically, yes, he is less able. But once again, likely able enough.


"But on other matters, you are perfectly happy to beat him up." Yup - but only where he has it coming, Tony. Certainly the Bankruptcy Bill. And Anita Hill, but for another time.

Of course I'll vote for him in the general if he's the nominee. But I respectfully part ways on the notion he is the only one who could beat Trump. And I love Garrison Keeler, but there we have a 76 year-old endorsing a 76 year-old. I'm optimistic we can break a 136 year trend on Republicans holding the White House for more than one term. Whoever wins the nomination will have earned it and will have the wind and her / his back.

Ed Doerr

I like Harris, too. But she is deficient in time and grade. wasn't she a state A-G just two years ago?

I think Warren, of all the female candidates, would give us our best run for our money. She'll be 71, but she doesn't look it, act it, or sound it. She is really feisty, and can talk the populist talk. We really need to fight Trump for those Obama voters who put him over the top in 2016.

I think if Trump pulls any of his WWF stagecraft in the debates, like his looming behind Hillary, Warren might just turn around and bust him in the chops. If she did, she'd win going away. When Trump calls her Pocahontas, she should call him Humpty, or maybe Mr. Dumpty.

She is gaffe prone, to some extent, but at least you'd know she'd have Jamie Dimon and his ilk shitting their pants for for the duration of the campaign. She'll be tarred as socialist, but they'll do that against anyone running with a (D) after her name.

Maybe Buttigieg for V-P. He'd make a great contrast with that cigar store Indian, Pence. All I know about him is that he's a mayor and an ex-marine, but I'd love to see him challenge that unctuous hypocrite to arm-wrestle.


Well, I see that the seeds of Democratic self-destruction have been planted. May they never yield their bitter fruit.

But, (he tells himself), I am not in control. All I have to do is figure out how I am going survive an additional 4 years of Trump.

Your comment on Garrison Keillor reeks of ageism. Not only do you crap on Biden because of his age, but you dismiss the argument of a Biden supporter, because age!

(BTW, it is Keillor, not Keeler.)


It was Keillor who was being ageist with his remarks, which is fine. I guess those damn insurance actuary tables are ageist as well. On the matter of President of the United States you're damn right I'm ageist. So will be that small segment of Democrats too young for their Medicare cards. Is it sexist to claim only a man can beat Trump?

It was Anita Hill who got crapped on (Joe keeps saying he wanted to apologize to her; Hill has never heard from him, the definition of "lame"); as were the middle class with the Bankruptcy bill Joe voted for; as was our Democratic Congressional candidate in Michigan, as Joe collected $200,000 from that Republican-leaning group, last October. That is just scratching the surface.

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