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March 24, 2019


Anne J

I hope you are right. But how much damage will be done in the meantime?


In both we see perfect simulacra of the past, in the Platonic or Baudrillardian sense of a perfect copy of a nonexistent original. Both draw on the third of Baudrillard's orders of simulacra, in which "we are confronted with a precession of simulacra; that is, the representation precedes and determines the real. There is no longer any distinction between reality and its representation; there is only the simulacrum." -- And the Trumpian trumpeting of "Fake News" substitutes the fakery for reality, while dismissing the real. Postmodern indeed. And what are those copies of non-existent originals? For Brexiteers, a nostalgia for Empire, for an England untrammeled by the detritus of actual imperial policy. For Trumpism? perhaps it's best summed up in the words of Tom Lehrer's catchy little tune, to which I link here:


We are becoming a nation of two tribes. The economically left behind, and the people who run and maintain the machines that left the former behind.
From the leadership that finds exploiting the displaced a fertile ground for their entitlement, we get chicken pox parties and the theory that carrying firearms makes society a safer place. Fewer taxes on the exploiters would be beneficial for everyone too.
Before we all get carried back to the 19th century, we must stop these demagogues at the ballot box in 2020. There's plenty of buyers remorse for Trumpism. Let's use the momentum of 2018 to condemn them as P.M. says, "Never to be tolerated again."

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