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March 14, 2019



"In his private heart no man much respects himself." - Mark Twain

Anne J

You are not alone. You described something I've been going through too. Please know that if you have misery you will have company.


PM, you're a little bit back already if you know what I mean. Depression is a very real disease and I know, from listening to some sufferers, that it can feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. But there is and in due course you'll find it. We'll be waiting.

MaryAnn Betts

Glad you can hold onto that belief that it has been better and can be again. We've found that once diagnosed with bipolar or major depression and medicated that professionals tend to think cognitive therapy isn't useful. What those in my family have found is that though a practice of cognitive therapy doesn't lift the depression by itself it helps sustain the belief that it was better before and can be again. I appreciate your work. Wishing you well.


Well Lordy, you’ve been writing about Trump every day for nearly four years; how could you not be depressed?? Add in whatever other genetic, medical, and social factors you got going on and I’d say a lonely hike with the old black dog is long overdue. Thanks for sharing with your concerned readers. We truly wish you the best.


I weep for you to have the endurance to survive in one way. In another I am comforted by the thought of how well you understand your circumstances.

Peter G

I was worried for you and now I am not. Courage friend.

Peter G

Forgot to add, now fuck off and get better.


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