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March 02, 2019


Meh. Meagan McArdle, a spoiled rich kid and Koch todie, is a Ranian who took the pen name "Jane Gault" for years. She not only drinks the Marxist-Leninism of the right wing cool-aid, she serves it. A stopped clock is right more often than McArdle.

As for George Will, he's reverted back to form, claiming the Dems had a bad week, while touting the virtues of Howard Schultz.

Yes that is an astonishing thing for George Will to say. At the risk of wandering too far off the subject, Howard Schultz does sound like he'd be Will's cup of tea. For all the worry on the left about how he would split the Democratic vote, his economic policies make him come off as a Paul Ryan republican. But I still wonder what these conservative NeverTrumpers will be writing after 2020 if a democrat wins the white house and democrats keep control of the house and maybe even win control of the senate. Of course there's no way to know that now. The answers are still two years off so only time will tell.

There is no chance of recapturing the party. They have cultivated their own cancer. Recapturing the party would involve excising the cancer. The cancer is bigger that they are. And that has about as much chance of happening as Mitt Romney’s self deportation plans for immigration. I would say that McCardle is making a case that will be made with increasing frequency by the Never Trumpers. If we can’t beat them then we better join them. And I don’t mean the Democrats.

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