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April 30, 2019



Don't be afraid; that's useless and not the proper warrior attitude. Being afraid tends to mean losing. Be practical and be strategic. These are heavy lifts, especially since some of our heavy-hitters in these states are opting to not challenge. (Stacy Abrams is the latest.) We also need to think of 2022. We need three or four consecutive election victories.


Someone please explain to me how a non functioning government is a good thing.


But what if the most unpopular Senator, even in his home state, could be defeated?

Peter G

It wouldn't be entirely non functioning. There are things the Republicans would need to get done to and so a certain amount of horse trading would happen. Basically just keeping the lights on so to speak. No major Democratic initiatives would stand a chance though.


Look on the bright side. Trump has shown us that a person occupying the Oval Office need not appoint anybody to cabinet positions. They can all be "acting" and thus avoid any confirmation battles. He's given us so much, Donald has, including the notion that the occupant of the Oval Office need not bother with things like disaster aid for states he doesn't like. Red State hurricane and tornado relief? Screw that, the moochers deserve what happens to them, but we'll back up a truckload of Bounty to mop up the mess. See how easy that is? The current occupant of the Oval Office has shown us that the occupant of the Oval Office is, in fact, a God-King, who can sic his Justice Department on Senate Republicans, and for whom the Constitution is nothing more than the golden roll that hangs by the presidential crapper.

Peter G

They have a deep bench of assholes.

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