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April 21, 2019


Joseph Ernst

The behavior outlined in the Mueller report cannot be ignored or overlooked. "No response" is inadequate.

The behavior outlined in the report is also potentially dangerous, and continuous. In my opinion, there is no time to be lost, and some action must be taken. The Constitution limits the type of response available to Congress, but at the very least, censure would be appropriate.


At this point, I'm looking at impeachment not as a process to get rid of Trump, because we know the GOP Senators will never vote for it, but rather, as an educational tool to force America to see all the misdeeds in open court. And to let everybody fully understand just how far the GOP will go toward destroying our government in their efforts to support their chosen messiah.


What a miserable situation. I keep going back and forth on impeachment. Keep coming back to censure as an option. There definitely are upsides and downsides to censure, but it does seems like well-constructed censure could serve as "an educational tool to force America to see all the misdeeds in open court." Could also force Reps to make a clear statement on the issue of Trump. Will be glad to hear comments, pro and con.

S Comstock

Congress has to hold hearings - and impeach Trump - if for nothing else than to get his corrupt actions in front of the American people. Rudy G is on the TV saying that there's nothing wrong with getting information from Russians - so Trump will try the same playbook in 2020.

I think there should be a list of campaign laws that candidates and their staffs need to acknowledge when running for office, so that they can't claim ignorance. Gee, nobody told me that accepting sketchy stolen emails in exchange for sanctions relief was illegal!

Also, the greatest detail I've heard from the Mueller report is that Trump wanted Corey Lewandowski to convince Sessions to "unrecuse" and if Sessions did not agree, Lewandowski was supposed to fire him! Lewandowski wasn't even part of the administration. Trump thinks he is a king.

Sue in Seattle


Elizabeth Warren does not agree with you PMC. I bet her political instincts are better than yours.


" ... plus the last thing the Democratic Party's presidential candidates wish to discuss is impeachment. ... "

Assumed fact not in evidence.

"... Pro-impeachment Democrats would face the wrath of an anti-impeachment speaker (who would probably prevent a floor vote from ever taking place anyway), ... "

Also assumed fact not in evidence.

" ... That debate would dominate the 2020 presidential race, when voters would rather hear about health care and the economy. ... "

Trump is going to have at least one challenger for the nomination anyway. Discussion of this topic I think likely to energize support for his challengers, thus making the GOP nomination process interesting.


Happy Easter to all ,He is risen .

Peter G

I would argue the Democrats need to start holding the hearings and investigations necessary to set the stage for impeachment. Time, as you note, presses and opinion within the Democratic House is divided. Not without reason since the particular political situation of Democratic House members or those contemplating a run must vary. Impeachment would be an advantage for some and an albatross for others. Nancy is not wrong for understanding this. What there is time to do is investigate the hell out of every single aspect of the Mueller report as well as those issues that lay outside the ambit of his investigation.

If the Democrats want to impeach then they first have to get a majority of the electorate, and a substantial one, onside first. Plus they need to embarrass the living crap out of the Republicans every step of the way.


"Plus they need to embarrass the living crap out of the Republicans every step of the way'.

C'mon Peter, these people are incapable of embarrassment and they already know that Trump is a liar and a simpleton, but most of them don't care. The Democrats have to concentrate their efforts on presenting a good candidate who can persuade the reasonable few to change their vote thus rendering a different result. Trying to delegitimise Trump at this very late stage is a bit pointless. He has already done such damage. The focus has to be preventing another four chaotic years. Don't allow anyone to argue that this is a witch hunt!!!!!


Keep investigating you morons but with your own money and not taxpayer dollars. It is abundantly clear there is no case to answer.

Trump s no paragon, but no plitical figure is.

Compared to you lot, and all the current dem bigwigs he is a moral and intellectual titan.


I'm certain all the items Barr redacted are exculpatory.

Peter G

Oh they may not care themselves. But they really do care quite a lot what voters think. Hence the strident and panicked advice we keep getting to investigate no further and move on. There is no reason the Democrats must do one thing or another. They can and must investigate through Congress all that the Republicans are trying to stop from being put before the people. Presidential candidates are perfectly free to pursue the campaigns they wish to lay before that same public. It will be great fun and will no doubt drive Trump round the twist.

We have no idea what House investigations will uncover that is not yet revealed. They would be derelict in their constitutional duty were they not prepared to act on those revelations. No I am afraid it has to be done.

Peter G

Alas you are doomed to disappointment. They are going to investigate. It is their job to investigate. And they are going to use your tax dollars to do it whether you like it or not. You do know who won control of the House don't you?


30 years of Republican led Hillary investigations at taxpayer expense that amounted to nothing. There's plenty of taxpayer money to go around for Trump.

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