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April 23, 2019



Every WH "manipulates" the media. FDR chastised them and thought they were gutter trash and would tell them so. The perplexity "journalists" are going through now is pay back for the 8 years they entered the briefing room with their collective knickers down around their ankles. Their credibility and reputations were earned then and it takes the likes of DJT to make them stoop even lower. Their low credibility has been achieved the old fashioned way...they have earned it.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Donald J Trump: Together at last!
[insert barfing noises]


The thing is, truth is discoverable. It's not that hard.


Suppose they gave a press briefing and nobody came? What's the point anyway? They're all just tiresome sessions of lies and gaslighting anyway. Just do investigative reporting.

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