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April 29, 2019


The Washington Post’s Paul Waldman nails the Biden appeal: "Joe Biden seems to be assembling a coalition combining “People who’d just be more comfortable with an older white guy” and “People who figure other people would just be more comfortable with an older white guy.”"

Basically that is Joe's pitch, return the presidency to a decent human being. Which he happens to be. Of course first he has to get by the primaries wherein it is the task of his opponents to destroy that perception. There is only one way for him to succeed and that is to continue to be a decent guy. always play to your strengths.

Phil, I respectfully disagree with "What America does not need in 2021 is the immediate snd concentrated continuation of ideological warfare over what we might call the sexier of progressivism's proposals..." As surely the Sun rises in the east there will be ideological warfare - no matter what and no matter who is in the White House, or who controls the House or Senate. Very little will get done absent taking the Senate. But if we take the Senate, then sensible, non-unicorn-farting-sparkles (like the absurd first draft of the GND) legislation can be enacted. Kevin Drum believes prioritizing the climate crisis should take priority. He is right.

It will require more than simply electing a Democratic President and taking the Senate. There simply isn't any way to take the Senate that results in a 60-40 split for Democrats. And that means the first order of business for a Democratic Senate of between 50 and 60 seats is to nuke the filibuster for all Senate business. Otherwise, we're simply back to the old GOP/McConnell obstruction game.

Yes, and yes, and we need to abolish the damn filibuster. Why Bernie is opposed to that . . . ah, don't get me started on that one.

There is no climate crisis. Remember all the coastal cities were suppose to be underwater by now.

Oh please. And sober up, Keith.

Oh please Max, you should really try to find some reporting that is not a justification of your limited intellect. As a matter of fact I barely have a buzz on. The global warming hoax is about control not climate.

You have previously admitted to posting while drunk. While there are a lot worse things than a sweet drunk, abusive drunks can fuck off. But sure, do tell us what peer-reviwed research tells us. Or our national intelligence community. Or all the other Western nation's intelligence agencies. Or the rest of the Western nations. Or even the other banana republics.

A man still hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest. Yes I drink to much, but I fear you think to little. Why do you consider any of those resources reliable ? It all comes down to whom do you trust, you seem to trust government stooges of all types. Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I must apologize to our host as max and I have wandered off into the weeds, not really commenting on his post. He may of course blow our crap away as he sees fit.

Biden? You must be having a laugh.

He's not even a has been, more of a never was... Trump will eat him alive except he'll never make it past the primaries.

When the history books are written , Trump will go down as one of the most remarkable, and despite everything, successful presidents of all time.

You may not like his style, I don't always like his style, but he is undoubtedly a player.

Don't tie me in with your bullshit trolling, Keith.

I only wish that whatever it is you’re smoking was legal in Texas.

Been to South Beach lately?

Nazis are "very good people!"

You were drunk enough to deliver an unbelievable insult to our men and women in our military and intelligence community: genuinely patriotic, smart, unusually hard working and underpaid: because they will put their lives on the line, they are the reason you can spout your ignorant, hateful drivel. It's just about your resentments, nothing more.

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