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April 25, 2019



Even the gang at Fox and Fiends over on Trump state tv had to begrudgingly admit it may be a winning message.


If the Democrats manage to take the Senate back, then job number one is to eliminate the filibuster for everything. Mitch needs to be defanged. And there isn't any other democracy in the world that has it. Mind you, we don't actually have a democracy, but we do like to pretend that we do.

S Comstock

I've lost count of the number of times pundits have said it would be a mistake for Dems to focus on Trump in 2020, but rather should focus on kitchen table issues. And Hillary has been criticized for concentrating on Trump as a racist and misogynist in 2016. But when Biden calls out Trump it's refreshing?

Sue in Seattle

PM Carpenter

But Biden is calling out Trump, as Hillary did, for being a racist and misogynist, rather than proposing "big ideas" that will go nowhere. And who criticizes him for that? Democrats. Go figure.

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