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April 23, 2019


Peter G

What makes this particularly funny is that Sanders supporters have been very fond of making exactly the same argument. Which is that Sanders is the "correct" response to the same forces that drove voters to Trump. It is no accident that they share a lot of the same solutions either.

Bernie's people are weird. Their solution to credentialed elitism? Make it cheaper to join the credentialed elite. I offered them an even better solution and much cheaper solution. Just issue everybody whatever degree they want. I see no reason why the Berners should elitely discriminate against those kids who are not college material for whatever reason.

Peter G

This is one of the reasons btw that I really am becoming quite fond of Buttigieg. Another issue he ostensibly "stepped in"? Should prisoners be allowed to vote? Pete says sure, once they are out of prison. Which turns out to be, by polling, the most popular position on this issue. Alas this now makes him dead to the activists for whom only the least popular position, Bernie's, is acceptable.

It is kind of strange isn't it how the ideological pure can find no hill on which they will not die? If their position does not alienate the maximum number of voters then it is not worth having.


Great post and I've also been following this. One close friend who is pretty astute politically thinks Mayor Pete will be the nominee. The only candidate who scares me in terms of losing in November, 2020 is Sanders. And Sanders, like Trump, could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his supporters wouldn't mind a bit. For Sanders' supporters, Bernie can never fail; Bernie can only BE failed.

Was Bernie being delusional, or a cynical liar when he said "If college was free 50 years ago, it should be free now"? (I go with delusional.) What Western nation has free college? Oh, right: none. AFFORDABLE college is what our country needs and what the other Western nations possess. But, no, Bernie being the shallow ideologue has to go with "free."


let's is free in Finland, Greece, Germany, Ireland.....and several more. Perhaps you don't think they are western countries.

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