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April 26, 2019



Biden belives in E Pluribus Unum....for now. The leftward thrust of his party no longer believes it. They have been selling the notion of 'multiculturalism' as some kind of positive force. It isn't. The mad notion of 'diversity' mixed in makes for a toxic brew. Unity has always been our strength, not this other brew. Can Biden change the party or will the party change him?


Then what exactly is this unity you speak of made up of?

Peter G

That is too bad Whitewall because, demographically speaking, that is what they are going to get. If you think this is a problem for the Democrats then I must say you are wrong. It is their great opportunity. For the Republicans on the other hand it will be a killer and sooner rather than later.

I'm not quite sure how you see this playing out. Are the Republicans only going to be racist where it confers electoral advantage. And hope minorities won't notice this in other places where the strategy simply will not work?

I have always been curious about guys like you. What makes you think you get to decide what the unum is?

Peter G

Once upon a time the Unum didn't include Catholics, or Eastern Europeans or Asians or Africans. And now it does. Basically what Whitewall wants is for Democrats to also jump on the White Supremacist ship. Before it sinks completely. Personally I would advise against it.


I had a strong feeling that was the case just wondering if he would admit it.


Unity of resentment and hatred. They no longer have national security, personal responsibility, fiscal prudence, law-and-order, respect for institutions, family values; they have no real values anymore. The unity they think they have rises to something less than 46.1%, in eighteen months.


If there is no unity, there is no commonality and no comity. The origin of Unum was to be American. Now the goal is to be hyphenated American or someone coming here to be here without becoming American. Just whatever he was will be what he is as long as he is here.

This will be a problem for everyone. Humans are tribal and the less we have in common will cause tribes to be set against each other.

A truth: Diversity plus proximity plus time = war. Always. Women fair poorly during these times. Race, ethnicity and gender won't matter.

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