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April 30, 2019


Peter G

Something happened yesterday that I found kind of interesting. Beto waded into policy waters and came out with what I would consider a fairly ambitious plan on the climate problem. For context, a lot of the criticism of the male candidates has centered around the fact that they were getting an unfair amount of media attention despite having said little about actual policies in their campaigns. His reward was to be savaged by the GND crowd. And I do mean assaulted.

My take on this, and in the light of what isn't happening for Warren despite her very obvious policy chops, is that there is little point in joining the policy wars. Especially since, barring a revolution in the Senate in 2020, none of it has the tiniest chance of becoming law. It is very crowded over there in policyland and very very vicious.


"Bernie could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone, and not lose a Bernie Brother." Beto still looks like a lightweight.


That is not the conclusion I draw from these data. Everyone I know has a favorite candidate who is not Biden. Mine is Warren. But all think he has the best chance of ousting the current vile infestation.

Peter G

Here is some more data:

Peter G



I'm making a list...


Yep, I've got mine. This looks more and more like '92 and '08.

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