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April 15, 2019


Looking for deep philosophical reasons for human behavior such as is currently being demonstrated by the GOP is probably a mistake. There is certainly nothing new in the "moral" hypocrisy they demonstrate. Nothing new in the goofball economics. Nothing new in their opposition to science of any sort. The only thing really new here is Trump as the apotheosis of those beliefs and the following video explains their attitude regarding him:

Trump never would have been possible without 50 years of GOP degeneration preceding him. He is exactly what they wanted and any time they express any concern or handwringing over his actions it's because he makes them look every bit as awful as they truly are.

I would argue that it is all of the above, plus this. I live in a very red city in a very, very blue state. My neighbors are all R's. Some are highly educated, some not. But none of them really have a significant, moment to moment, engagement with the moral codes they claim to obey. The test for everything is how it benefits them personally, tangibly. And they arent even really into how things will benefit them long-term. It's now or a year or two.

The Democrats I know spend a lot of time thinking about right and wrong. They think about the community, the nation, the human family, and the Earth. The R's I know ridicule that as naive. The few who spend any time thinking about social issues or the environment regard the importance of those topics as secondary or worse to economics. And I have observed that their interest in social issues extends only to judging others and, usually, finding them lacking. They are the harshest, least compassionate, least kind, least thoughtful people I know.

Obviously there are exceptions to the rule. I'm sure somewhere there are R's like Ainsley Hayes. (The West Wing Season 2) But I don't know any of them.

Perhaps that is what you mean by soulless?

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